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Welcome to Toronto Ride-share Blog Canada. We are group of professionals, drivers and passengers. Our aim is to share knowledge and skills in order to enhance the experience of ride-sharing platform in Canada. Our information are useful for Uber / Lyft drivers and passengers (riders). Moreover we share various promo codes for drivers and riders; become Lyft driver or join Lyft by using our promo code and you will get bonus amount. Furthermore there is Lyft promo code Canada for new rider signup, Lyft driver referral code for new Lyft driver signup in Canada, steps to become Lyft driver in Toronto.

Lyft Promo Code Canada $50 Credit JAN 2019 (Toronto)

Lyft Promo Code Canada for Free Rides in Toronto GTA 2019 Upcoming Cities Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary Lyft is a new ride-share competitor in Canada; Lyft’s services are available in Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa, ON Canada. Moreover Lyft is fully licensed and legal ride-share company in Canada; just like an Uber.  Therefore with Lyft Promo Code Canada, if you are new ...
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Steps to Become Uber Driver Toronto

Signup and Become Uber Driver in Canada Guide to Become Uber Driver Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton & Ottawa Canada Uber is a fully licensed ride-share service in Toronto GTA. It is great way to earn extra cash. Uber Driver Toronto set your own schedule and be your own boss. Therefore, many of us are eligible to drive Uber in Toronto ...
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Steps to Become Lyft Driver Toronto Ottawa Canada

Become Lyft Driver Toronto, Ottawa, Canada Lyft is the only Uber's competitor in Toronto GTA. They have successfully launched it services in Toronto. Moreover Lyft is available from all the way Hamilton to Oshawa and Toronto to New market. Moreover many Uber drivers signup to lyft and become Lyft driver Toronto. Lyft is also fully licensed ride-share service in Toronto ...
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Uber Lyft HST Number Registration with Canada Revenue Agency

Uber or Lyft GST/HST Account Registration With CRA

How to apply for HST/GST account and business number for Uber or Lyft? Complete Guide and Step by step instruction for Uber or Lyft Driver’s GST/HST Account Registration With CRA Being as an Uber or Lyft driver you are working as an independent contractor. Moreover since July 2017 Uber have ...
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Lyft Ride Demand Saturday

Lyft’s Ride Demand in City of Toronto, ON

Best time for Lyft Driver to Earn more in City of Toronto No doubt being as a Lyft driver in City of Toronto is great; you are your own boss, you make your own schedule and enjoy driving while making great money. Beside with all these comfort; you have to ...
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What is Best Time To Drive Lyft in Toronto, ON Canada?

Best time to Drive Lyft & Earn More Money in Canada Being as a Lyft driver in Canada is a great opportunity to earn extra income. In fact many Lyft drivers have other full time job; and driving Lyft as part time beside their full time job. If you are ...
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How much do Lyft drivers make in toronto

How much do Lyft drivers make in Canada?

How much you can make as a Lyft driver in Canada? How much money can Lyft drivers earn in Toronto, Ottawa Canada? If you are thinking to become Lyft driver in Canada; you might be wondering that how much I will make as Lyft driver in Canada. As matter of ...
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Lyft Free Ride in Canada

Get your first Lyft free ride in Canada? Request your first Lyft free ride in Toronto, Ottawa Canada Lyft is officially available in Canada; currently Lyft have started their services in Toronto GTA and Ottawa. Therefore you can have Lyft as your next ride for pleasure or business trip. In ...
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Lyft Code for Existing Users

Are there any Lyft Promo Code for Existing Users? After joining Lyft people often search Lyft promo code for existing users. No doubt signing up with Lyft promo code and getting free rides or credit incentive is great startup saving. Moreover with startup incentive with Lyft free credit you can ...
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Type of Lyft Rides Options for Drivers & Riders

Vehicles Types, Service Types & Lyft Rides Options in Canada What type of Lyft rides options are there for Driver and Riders in Canada As a Lyft driver in Canada; you might be thinking that what kind of Lyft rides options I have in Canada. Similarly as a new or ...
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Best Auto Insurance for Uber and Lyft Driver by Allstate in Toronto Canada

Get Reasonable Rate and Best Auto Insurance for Uber and Lyft Driver by Allstate in Toronto Canada Get exclusive rates by providing TorontoRideshare Blog reference If you are an Uber or Lyft driver in Canada; especially in Toronto GTA and looking for reliable insurance company. In fact Allstate will be ...
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lyft credit code

Lyft Promo Code Ottawa for Free Rides

List of Working Lyft Promo Code Ottawa 2019 Get Free Rides with Lyft Promo Code Ottawa Lyft offers free rides and credits for anyone who wants to try Lyft. If you never made an account with Lyft before, you might get $20 to $50 credit as an incentive when you ...
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