What is Best Time To Drive Lyft in Toronto, ON Canada?

Best time to Drive Lyft & Earn More Money in Canada

Being as a Lyft driver in Canada is a great opportunity to earn extra income. In fact many Lyft drivers have other full time job; and driving Lyft as part time beside their full time job. If you are planning to be a Lyft driver in Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa, ON; you might have lot of questions in mind. For instance how to become a Lyft driver? what are the requirements? What is best time to drive Lyft? How much you will make as a Lyft driver? Etc.

Well we already explained a lot about that How Lyft driver can make more money in Canada? And we talked about Lyft driver referral bonus, rider referral bonus, streak bonus, Tips, use of destination mode and more. Moreover we also explained that how to maximize Lyft earnings? And we talked about Lyft Prime Time, Power Zone, Promotions in Canada, Lyft promo code Canada, and some driving tips about navigation, gas saving tips for Lyft drivers, track mileage and keep record of expenses. If you wish to read about them; you can go to each relevant link above.

Best time to Drive Lyft in Toronto, Canada

So here we will talk about best time to drive Lyft in Toronto. In fact all Lyft drivers love to get rides quickly and make more money in fewer hours. So it’s all about planning and strategy; therefore if you hit the road on right time you will make good amount in less time. Here are few things you might consider before going out for rides:

  • Weekends Nights
  • Events and Occasions
  • Rush Hours
  • Lyft’s Ride Demand

Don’t Miss Weekends Nights

In fact Lyft drivers make most of their earning during weekends nights. Friday and Saturday nights are always good for making decent amount in Greater Toronto Area. Moreover lot of people go to downtown Toronto from all around the GTA. Hence if you live in Mississauga, ON or Vaughan, ON you most probably you will get a long trip to downtown; and again around 2 am when bars start closing you will get another long trip with Lyft prime time. You may use destination mode at that time; so you will not end up far from your home.

Also you will get clear highways on weekend’s nights unless there is an accident on road. In fact driving during weekend’s night is great earning opportunity with fun.

Big Cash During Events and Occasions

Another best time to drive Lyft is on special occasions or during events. You must know if there is any event going on in your area or Toronto. In fact Lyft’s rides demand increase during events; so you will get lot of rides and will be able to make more money in less time. Moreover these rides will be with surge price which is called Lyft prime time; prime time is extra bonus fare on top of normal fare price.

best time to drive Lyft
Uber & Lyft’s Earnings on Saint Patrick’s Day.

For instance on New year eve or Saint Patrick’s day; if you can dedicate 8 to 10 hours for driving Lyft. You will make approximately around $450 to $550. However it totally depend on what type of rides you get (Simple Lyft or XL) area, driver rating and prime time.

Drive During Rush Hours

So how about driving Lyft during on weekdays? Well on weekdays nights are very slow but rush hours or the time when people go to work or office is busy. Therefore if you don’t mind to drive in rush hours; and you think you are comfortable with traffic rush; then your best time to drive Lyft is in the morning 7 to 10am; as this is busy time in the morning and you will get lot of rides. After 10 am it will slow down and again it will get busy around 4 pm.

So if you want to drive full time then your best time is to drive from 7 am to 5pm. However you may adjust your time; you may get rest or break during slow time. You can also either driver in the morning or in the afternoon from 4pm to 8pm.

Remember you will earn many additional bonuses during rush hours; such as streak bonus and prime time. Because Lyft usually offer these bonus during peak hours; so more driver will go out to fulfill the high demand of Lyft rides.

Lyft’s Ride Demand in City of Toronto, ON

Moreover you can also check Lyft ride demand in Lyft driver app. In fact there are two scenarios here; weekdays and weekend nights. There is major different is on weekdays more demand during rush hours and weekends more demand in evening and night time.

Lyft ride demand on Monday in Toronto GTA
Lyft ride demand on Monday in Toronto GTA

For instance on Monday from around 7 am rides demand start increasing and goes down at 11 am. Additionally in the afternoon rides demand increase around 5 pm and slow down around 8 pm.

Lyft ride demand in Toronto GTA friday
Lyft rides demand in Toronto GTA on Friday

On Friday and Saturday there is more demand on the night time. According to Lyft ride demand start increasing from 5 pm and it is busy till late night around 3am.

Lyft ride demand in Toronto GTA sunday
Lyft ride demand in Toronto GTA on Ssunday

However Sunday is totally different and unique; demand increase from 10 am till 10 pm.

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