How much Uber drivers make in Canada 2018?

How much Uber drivers make in Canada 2018?

How much Uber drivers make in Canada 2018?

No doubt working as an Uber driver is great way to earn decent money. But the question is how much Uber drivers make in Canada? In fact there is not exact number or answer. Basically Uber earnings depend of several factors; such as days and time you drive, you work full time or part time. Moreover what type of car you drive and what type of Uber rides (X, XL, Select) you can accept.

“Uber Driver Can Make $20 to $30 in Canada”

To give you quick numbers average Uber can make $20 to $30 per hour in Canada. (Before expenses) For instance if Uber is busy and you are getting lots of ride, your earnings can go up to $30 an hour. But if it’s slow then you might get $20 an hour. Similarly in worst case scenario you will end up with $10 per hour.

How much do Lyft drivers make in Canada?

How much do Uber drivers make in Toronto?

In fact downtown Toronto is the main earning spot for most of Uber drivers. Moreover in Toronto there are lot of chances you might hit Uber Surge and Guaranteed Surge Promo, which is very important for your earnings.

How much Uber drivers make in Toronto Canada? We asked Uber drivers in Toronto, Canada. Here is their earning experience in Toronto.

Full Time Uber Driver:

  • I am Full time Uber driver in Toronto, I work 5 days a week. Moreover I work more than 40 hours a week, I make $2000 to $2200 per week.(Before Expenses)

How much Uber drivers make in Canada 2018? 

Image Captions: Full Time Uber Driver Earnings in Toronto, Canada 



Part Time Uber Driver:

  • I am part time Uber driver; I usually drive in downtown Toronto. Furthermore I mostly work weekends especially Friday, Saturday night and few hours on Sunday. I make approximately $400 to $500 in 20 hours.

uber driver earning toronto how much uber driver make

Image Captions: Part Time Uber Driver Earnings Canada. (City Toronto GTA)

 uber driver part time earning toronto

Disclosure: The given figure and earning numbers on this page are for general idea of what currently Uber drivers are making in Canada. There is no guarantee that you can make same amount. In fact your Uber earnings depend on number of factors, which we will discuss below. Therefore I will not be responsible if you make less or more amount.

Although this may be true some Uber drivers aren’t happy with earnings. They think they don’t make enough money with Uber and after paying expenses they end up with very little amount.

For those who are not happy with Uber earnings, they must read Maximize Uber Earnings and 7 Ways Uber Drivers Can Make More Money.

So as you have seen some Uber drivers’ earnings in Toronto, Canada. You might be wondering that how they can make that much. Therefore in order to learn How much Uber drivers make in Canada, and earn more with Uber there are some important things you need to consider.

Important factors of Uber Earnings:

For better understanding How much Uber drivers make? Keep these points in mind:

  • Full Time or Part Time
  • Days and Time
  • Uber Service Level You Drive
  • Driver’s Rating
  • Car Year Model
  • Drive Lyft Simultaneously

Part Time Driver vs Full Time Drive

In fact according to Uber national study, 80% of Uber drivers drive less than 35 hours per week. Moreover half of 80% drivers drive 1 to 15 hours every week. Therefore working part time or full time also determined that how much Uber drivers make?

Full Time Uber Driver’s Earnings in Toronto

Off course working as a full time Uber driver is great. The more you drive more you will earn. But usually week days you would make big number as compare to weekends nights. Moreover in Canada Uber offers Uber Quest (extra bonus) to some full time drivers, they can earn up to $500 bonus when they complete X no of trips in each week.


Image Captions: Uber Quest Bonus up to $450 if you complete 125 trips weekly.

Furthermore one of Uber full time driver in Toronto reported that he is making $2000 to $2200 per week. But off course you have to deduct gas, mileage, maintenance and HST.

Part Time Uber Driver in Toronto

Besides driving full time, you can also earn $400 to $600 while just driving as part time driver. But the key is to driver weekends nights and Sunday. In fact Friday and Saturday night are mostly busy for Uber drivers, even Uber full time drivers make much of their income on weekends.

Image Caption: Driving Uber as a Part Time in Toronto GTA, Driver's Earnings Estimate.

uber driver earning toronto

Drive on weekend’s night it is equal to 5 weekday’s earnings.

Importance of Days & Times for Uber Earnings

Another important key point is, days and time when you drive for Uber. Hence on weekdays ride demand is actually low in compare to weekends. Moreover usually on weekdays demand is high during rush hours and then it’s slow down after rush hours.

Weekends Night You Get More Rides & Uber Surge

Comparatively on weekdays you are expected to get more traffic on roads, therefore you are going to spend more time on each ride.

One of Uber driver from Toronto, he is an Uber driver, he mostly drive in downtown Toronto. As per his experience, if you drive part time and work on Friday and Saturday nights and few extra hours on Sunday or any other day; then you can earn about $25 to $30 per hour. Furthermore he said if you drive full time you will make less $15 to $20 per hour average. This is because of full time driver spend most of time waiting for rides during weekdays.

Although this may be true because weekends nights lot of people prefer to visit downtown. Therefore for this reason you will get plenty of rides without waiting long enough.

Caption: A short Uber XL trip with 3.2x surge price.

To hit Surge Price in Downtown Toronto during Weekends, Best Time 2 am to 3 am. You could potentially earn $100 in that time frame.

For this reason you might get Uber surge pricing in downtown Toronto, which is great for you to maximize Uber earnings.

Impact of Uber Services Level on Earnings

Moreover equally important, what type of Uber ride requests you get? Do you get only get UberPool and UberX. Does your car qualify for Uber Select or Uber XL?

As a matter of fact Uber provide different level of service in Canada. For instance rider can request Uber Pool, Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Select, Uber SUV, Uber Black, Uber Assist and Uber Wav.  Check Uber Vehicle Requirements in Toronto, Canada.

Uber select earnings  

Image Captions: Uber XL and Select trips earnings examples.

Therefore if you can get Uber X, XL and Select requests, then there is an opportunity for you to make more money. For example if you get Uber XL trip and it is about 50 KM driver then you earning will be more then $100 for that single trip. Similarly you make more with Uber Select rides.

Although you don’t get Uber XL request that often in Toronto on week days. But on weekends nights there are high chances to get XL request, when people like to travel in groups.

Uber Driver Ratings and Uber Earnings

There is no doubt that a rating is always important for Uber driver. In fact drivers with below average ratings are at risk of getting ban. As well as if your rating is too low your, then Uber partner account could be temporarily suspended.

Beside your ability to drive for Uber, Rating is always important for getting rides quickly. So you don’t have to wait long for ride, Uber always prefer high rating drivers. Moreover often when riders see a driver with low rating they might cancel the ride.

One driver reported that when his rating was 4.5, he had more cancels. Hence he improved and brought his rating to 4.85 now he gets very less cancelation.

For this reason it is very challenging for Uber drivers to maintain their ratings above average. Therefore if your rating is low, its keep dropping and you are afraid to lose your ability to driver. Try to figure out the main cause, there must be something that you should improve in order to get higher rating. Read our guide to Improve and Maintain Uber Ratings.

Car Year and Model

Besides ratings, your car model and year also play vital role in overall Uber earnings. As we discussed above that driving with Luxury or SUV cars you can accept different types of Uber requests. For this reason you will make more than usual Uber X driver.

Moreover many Uber drivers with Luxury or SUV cars, they don’t get pool requests. Additionally when they get Uber X request, most of time its long trip and off course all Uber drivers prefer long trips.

One of Uber driver told us that "he switched from sedan to SUV and he can see difference in earnings. For instance he don’t get pool request anymore, he often gets Uber Select and XL requests in Toronto, which is great. Moreover he says when he gets Uber X mostly its long ride."

Drive Lyft Simultaneously

Finally as a pro tip you join Lyft in Toronto or Canada. In fact you can drive Lyft simultaneously with Uber. Because instead of waiting for rides on Uber; why not go online with Lyft, you might get ride right away.

Image Captions: Lyft heat map of Toronto GTA, with prime time & guaranteed earning zone.

Lyft is offering different types of Lyft promo and bonuses in Canada. Hence there are lots of benefits to be Lyft drive in Toronto. First of all you will get up to $600 signup bonus; moreover you can earn many bonuses with Lyft Promotions in Canada.  Additionally you can maximize Lyft earnings with Lyft Streak Bonus, Lyft Power Zones and Prime Time.

Finally become Lyft driver in Canada. Read Steps to become lyft driver.

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