Lyft Cities in Canada

Lyft Coverage Zone and Availability in Canada

Where You can driver Lyft or get Lyft ride in Canada?

Lyft Active Cities Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary

Lyft started their services in Toronto GTA back in January 2018; and in Ottawa back in march. So far Lyft is available in Toronto GTA and Ottawa; however Lyft is available in more than 300 cities of United States.

Although Uber is providing theirs services in major cities of Canada. In fact currently Uber is available in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary. We hope Lyft will soon extend their services to more cities of Canada. You may request Lyft for your next ride with Lyft promo get Lyft free ride credit; moreover become lyft driver and get $500 signup bonus in Canada.

Lyft Rides Type in Canada (Ride Options)

Lyft offer different type of ride options; such as Affordable, Extra Capacity, Style or Luxury.  therefore following Lyft ride options are available in Canada:




It is simple Lyft ride along with other riders going toward same destination. Simply share your ride with other and you can split the fare. Cheaper than normal Lyft ride.


It is Lyft most common ride option. In fact it is available in all participating cities.  It will be your personal ride; simple daily use affordable ride option; seating capacity 4 max.

Lyft XL:

Lyft XL is affordable ride option with extra seating capacity. 6 seating capacity; Either if you want to travel in group or have extra luggage.  You will get either SUV or Minivan when you request Lyft XL.


It is Lyft Luxury high end ride for your personal or business trips. It is expensive but you can enjoy the ride in luxury car.

Lux Black:

Lyft Luxury Black is your luxury black ride. Lyft Lux Black is driven by professional and Lyft top drivers. Good for special occasions.

Lux Black XL:

It is the most expensive Lyft ride option. It same ride as Lyft Luxury Black with 6 seating capacity. Moreover black Luxury SUV piloted by top Lyft drivers.

Lyft Toronto & Greater Toronto Area Coverage and Services Level

Greater Toronto Area Lyft is available from Oshawa to Hamilton; and from Downtown Toronto to up north till Newmarket.

lyft ride options in Toronto GTA

Moreover Lyft is offering their full services in Toronto GTA; such as Shared formerly Lyft line (pool), XL, LUX, Luxury Black and Luxury Black XL services in Toronto GTA. If you are requesting ride in Toronto GTA you are able to request all these type of services if you wish so.

Similarly if you are Lyft driver from GTA you can driver with all these ride options if your car meets the requirements.

Therefore either as driver or rider in Greater Toronto Area you can driver or request get Lyft in the following cities:

Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Ajax, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Courtice, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Bradford West Gwillimbury, King City,  Milton,  Bowmanville, and Pickering.

Lyft Ottawa Area Coverage and Services Level

Lyft started their operatin in Ottawa back in march 2018. Moreover in Ottawa currently Lyft is offering simple Lyft and Lyft XL rides only.

lyft ride options in Ottawa

Lyft coverage area can be seen in the map below.

Join Lyft Community in Canada

Lyft is growing fast in Canada, many people have joined and cashed huge bonus amount. Moreover Lyft driver can get $500 signup bonus and riders will get $20 credit with Lyft promo code and credit discount offer. Therefore signup Lyft driver or join Lyft as a rider with Lyft promo code canada and get signup bonus.

Lyft Coverage Area FAQs

Some common question about Lyft coverage area; ride request, pickup, drop-off for drivers and riders.

  • Can I request Lyft out of coverage area?

No you cannot request ride if you are out of coverage area.

  • Can I go out of Lyft out of coverage area?

As a rider you can go out of Lyft coverage area as long you get your ride within coverage area.

  • Will I get trip request if I am not in Lyft coverage zone?

As a Lyft driver in order to get ride; driver must stay within coverage zone.

  • What if rider is going out of Lyft coverage zone?

That’s fine as a Lyft driver you have to take your rider to their destination.

  • What should driver do when they drop someone out of area?

When you drop passenger out of coverage area; you must come back to Lyft coverage area in order to get next ride.


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