Lyft Code for Existing Users

Are there any Lyft Promo Code for Existing Users?

After joining Lyft people often search Lyft promo code for existing users. No doubt signing up with Lyft promo code and getting free rides or credit incentive is great startup saving. Moreover with startup incentive with Lyft free credit you can try Lyft app, service and wait time; Therefore you can decide to stay with Lyft or not.

Additionally if you are an existing Lyft user or rider, you will not be able to get benefit from Lyft promo. In fact once you signup, create an account, apply a Lyft code and claim your free rides; you are now Lyft existing user.  Sign up Now with Lyft promo code Toronto or Lyft promo code Canada and Lyft promo code Ottawa.

Any Lyft code for Existing User?

So if you are searching any Lyft promo code for existing user; the fact is there are no codes available for existing users. Because there are thousands of Lyft existing users; if all of them get credit it will not be easy for Lyft to provide that huge amount of incentives.

However sometimes Lyft issues; Lyft promo code for existing users on special occasions or events. For instance if there is a concert at budweiser stage; Lyft might introduce a special promo code for that specific event. Let’s say Lyft will give you $10 off if you are planning to go to budweiser stage.

Furthermore there are few tips for existing users; by using them you might be able to get discount, credit and free rides.

  1. Refer and Invite New Riders to Lyft
  2. Make more Lyft account in Family
  3. Encourage your Friends to Sign up with Lyft
  4. Request Lyft Shared Ride
  5. Try Lyft Competitor

Refer and Invite New Riders With Your Referral code & Earn Lyft Referral Bonus:

Identically Lyft provide massive amount of incentive in terms of referral bonus and discount credit . Therefore as a Lyft rider or driver you can make huge amount with referral bonus. In other words just refer anyone to join Lyft with your Lyft referral code. Once they will join and take their first ride; you will get $10 to $20 referral bonus in Toronto, Ottawa or in Canada.

Lyft promo code for existing users

For details how to refer, getting your referral links and code; making custom code and links; sharing your promo codes on social media; read Lyft Rider Referral Bonus.

In the same way Lyft drivers can also refer Lyft riders or drivers. On each new driver referral you can earn up to $600 driver referral bonus; it mean more you refer more you can make. Lyft Driver Signup Bonus is available in Toronto, Ottawa Canada.

Make More Lyft Accounts in Family:

As we know mostly Lyft credit codes are for new user or new account activation. Therefore if you have more people in family; such as spouse, siblings, uncles or aunts; you may make their Lyft account. For instance you use Lyft frequently but your brother or sister never use; perhaps they might don’t need rideshare service. So if you refer them and they join Lyft with your referral code. Hence you will get referral bonus and they will also get $20 credit.

Therefore you can request your next ride from their account to use that credit. For example you request ride from their account; total fare was $30 and with $10 discount your ride fare is $20. You may pay them $20.

On the other hand once their account is active and they take first ride you will get $10 ride credit. So basically it will be total of $30 bonus you can make with each within family signup.

Encourage your Friends to Sign up with Lyft:

You can try same method among your friends; encourage your friends to signup with your promo code. It is same strategy; just instead of family let your friends to join.

For instance if 3 or 4 friends plan to hangout; and one of them is going to pay for ride. If one of them is already a Lyft user; he can share his code with other friends to join Lyft.

Therefore with this strategy you can earn total of $30. Ultimately you will save a lot if you need multiple rides on single day.

Request Lyft Shared Ride:

There are different Lyft ride options in Canada. Besides making bonus with Lyft referral; you can save $5 to $6 on each ride when you request Lyft Shared. In fact searching for promo code your ultimately goal is saving. Then why not save some bucks with requesting Shared ride.

lyft shared

Additionally in Lyft shared ride; you are going to share your ride with other passengers going toward same direction. Sometimes you request share and you don’t get match; no other passenger going toward same destination. But often you will get at least one more passenger with you going toward same destination.

Lyft rides options

However don’t request shared ride if you are late or you have to be somewhere on time. Because you never know; your shared ride might get multiple match and you will be late. Currently Lyft Shared in only available in Toronto; learn more Lyft coverage in Canada.

Try Lyft Competitor:

Another way to save some money is to try Lyft competitor. In fact in Canada Uber is only Lyft’s competitor. Moreover this strategy will only work if you never used Uber before.

Therefore by simply joining Uber you receive signup bonus or free rides as incentive. It might not work of many of us; in fact many of Lyft users are coming from Uber.

However if anyone there who never used Uber; they might get an advantage of this.


$15 Uber promo for New User:  PROMO CODE: EXDY5VJ8UE

$20 Lyft promo code for New Account Activation:

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