Features of the Toronto Lyft Driver App Explained

Lyft Driver App Features

App Version 1001.73.3.1536167725  Sep 2018

No doubt it is very vital for Lyft drivers to understand the Lyft driver app features. Moreover how to use all features; such as destination mode, earnings, upload any document etc. In fact learning and understanding Lyft driver app features will be your first step toward better earning.

Furthermore you will definitely make more money with Lyft when you understand Lyft driver app features. For instance if you know Lyft streak bonus time or Power Zone schedule; therefore driving during these hours will help you to make more money in short time. Learn more at maximize your Lyft earnings in Canada.

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Lyft Driver App Features Overview

Here is basic layout of Lyft driver app:

3 Options on Top of Screen

  • Profile Picture for Menu
  • Steering Wheel Icon Online/Offline
  • Down Arrow for Destination Mode
LYFT Driver App Features

3 Options at Bottom of Screen

  • Home
  • Earnings
  • Earn Referral

We can divide the whole Lyft driver app in above mentioned categories. However Menu and Earnings are the most important tabs in entire app.

Menu or Driver’s Options in Lyft App:

You can bring menu when you tap on your profile image in Lyft driver app; or you can swipe from left to right on Lyft driver app screen.

Once menu appear you will see following options:

Lyft Driver App Menu Options

From top Home, Dashboard, Schedule Pickups, Vehicle, Documents, Navigation, Amp, Payments Info, Help, Settings

Home (menu option no 1):

Home button is exactly as it sounds; when you tap on home anywhere in the app; you will come back to main screen of app.

Dashboard (menu option no 2) Lyft driver app:

Basically when you tap on dashboard option; you get logged into your web version of Lyft account. Besides accepting rides and live map; you can perform many things in web version of Lyft account. In fact you can view, edit or update many things; such as view driving history, Driver info, Vehicles, Rate card, Tax Information, Payout information and Waybill.

Dashboard (menu option no 2) Lyft driver app

For instance if you want to upload new Insurance slip; so you can got to Vehicle option; then Documents and Supplies up load new slip in Vehicle Insurance.

Similarly if you want to update something related to driver such as License, HST no or Proof of work eligibility; hence you can go to Driver Info and under documents section you can upload any expiry or required document.

Besides there are 5 more options are there in Lyft dashboard; in fact 2 of them are very important if you want to make extra money with referral. Driver Referrals and Passenger Referrals sections are important for referral earnings.

In fact you can view your referral code in these sections; can make new referral codes; view how many drivers or riders joined with your Lyft promo code. To learn more about referral income; we have created separate posts for Lyft Driver Referral and Lyft passenger referral.

Schedule Pickups (menu option no 3):

Lyft passengers can schedule their ride ahead of time. So if you want to see if anyone schedule or booked the ride; you can go to schedule pickup option. Moreover if you want to pick any schedule ride you can accept that.

Schedule Pickups Lyft driver app
Schedule Pickups Option in Lyft Driver App

There are two tabs in this section; Available Pickups and My Pickups. Once you accept any available pickups it will show in my pickups. Moreover you can cancel any rides from My pickups if you change your plan.

So far I haven’t seen any scheduled pickups in Toronto GTA.

Vehicle (menu option no 4):

In Lyft driver app; no 4 menu option is Vehicle. In this section you can view your cars if you have more than one. Moreover you have shortcut to add another vehicle to your Lyft account.

Vehicle in Lyft driver app
Vehicle Option in Lyft Driver App

Once you go to vehicle option; you will see your approved vehicle; you also have an option to see details.

If you tap on See Details; it will take you to Documents section which is explained below.

Documents (menu option no 5):

In Documents section you can view Personal & Vehicle Documents. In personal documents there are following options; Driver photo, HST, Proof of work eligibility, Driver’s License.  While on the other hand in Vehicle Documents section you have following items; License plate no, Vehicle Registration, Insurance and Safety Certificate.

Documents options in Lyft driver app
Documents Options in Lyft Driver App

Therefore if you want to view or update any document related to driver and vehicle; you can check, view or upload new documents in Documents section.

Navigation (menu option no 6):

Next in menu there is Navigation option and navigation settings. In fact everything related to navigation and navigation settings is here. Moreover there are 3 options; Navigation App, Auto Navigation and Auto Switch Back.

Navigation settings in Lyft driver app
Lyft Driver App Navigation Settings

Navigation App

First option in navigation settings; is to choose Navigation App.  You may tend to choose navigation app; some drivers prefer Waze than Google Maps. However if you like you may stick with Lyft Navigation built with Google Maps.

Auto Navigation

Second option is about Auto Navigation; if you want app to auto start navigation when you begin your trip. If you enable this option; your preferred navigation app will start automatically when you tap on start trip. However you may disable this option and start navigation manually by tapping navigate after starting trip.

Auto Switch Back

Third option is Auto Switch Back; you may have noticed that when you reach rider’s destination, Lyft app automatically pop up and your navigation app disappears. Actually that’s happens due to auto switch navigation option. It is ideal to keep it enable because after reaching destination you need Lyft app to complete or start the trip.

Amp (menu option no 7):

Amp is very nice bright colorful device that you can install on your vehicle dashboard. Moreover it’s beaconing and color changing feature helps to pick up rider.  Furthermore during between rides it glow with soft light; change its color when you approach near the pickup location and it will greet riders when they jump in your car.

Lyft amp setting in Lyft driver app
Lyft AMP Setting

Anyhow you can perform following features in Amp section:

  • Pairing amp with your smartphone
  • Learn how amp works
  • Amp installation guide
  • Amp troubleshooting

Payments Info (menu option no 8):

Next option in menu is Payments Information; off course we all want our earnings deposit into our bank account on time. Therefore to get your weekly deposit make sure you have correct banking details are there.

Furthermore there are three options in Payment Info:

  • Bank Info
  • Express Pay
  • Express Driver
payment information in Lyft driver App
Payment Information

Bank information is required to deposit your earnings. You may enter your bank account details here; moreover if you want change your bank account information you may update new bank account details.  However to change your banking information successfully; you must provide Transit number, Financial institute no and account no.

Express pay is great option for Lyft driver; with this you may cash out your earnings whenever you want. Additionally in order to use express pay option; you need to provide your debit card details.

Express Driver is basically Lyft car rental system; if you are using rental car provided by Lyft. You must have an active credit card in you Lyft account. For instance if you use rental car and can’t make enough to cover the rental charges; so they can charge the rental fee from credit card.

If you don’t have an active card on file; then your Lyft account might be deactivated. Therefore to prevent deactivation make sure there is an active card on file.

Help (menu option no 9)

In help section is for getting help from Lyft; for any issue with ride fare or rider as well as claim for an accident and roadside assistance you may use Lyft help.

You will also see your recent rides in help section; so if you have an issue with fare, rider damage or did vomit in your car; you may send help message though Lyft driver app.

Help option from Lyft driver app
Lyft App’s Help Option

Besides there are also more options available for Lyft drivers. Therefore 3 available options are File a claim for accident, Lyft Help Center and Roadside assistance.

Settings (menu option no 10)

Final item in menu is Settings; in this section there some information are related to driver and some options are related to Lyft driver app.

In settings you will see your name along your date of birth and profile picture. Moreover there is your email, phone no, shipping address and your select navigation app information.

Lyft Driver App Settings Option
Lyft Driver App Settings Option

Furthermore there is Driver Shortcut option; if you want to keep Lyft driver app icon on top of screen. However you can enable or disable this option.

There are also Accessibility option for deaf drivers; sharing your mobile contact list with Lyft, Legal, Jobs at Lyft, Logout from app and in the end Lyft app version information.

Steering Wheel for Go Online

Lyft App Icon

Go online is exactly as it sounds; simply tap on steering wheel icon and you will be online and ready for accept rides.

lyft app steering wheel
Go Online/Offline

Similarly if you want to go offline for any reason and take a break; simply tap on steering wheel button again and you will be offline.

Down Arrow Icon for Destination Mode

Use of destination mode is very helpful option; especially when you plan to finish your day or night. For instance you may use destination mode and put your home address before an hour to finish your driving shift.

Therefore once you are in destination mode; you will only get match with rides going toward your destination. Hence eventually you will come closer to your home and you can go offline once you think you are close enough.

lyft app destination mode
Destination Mode in Lyft App

To go into destination mode tap on down arrow icon and tap on Destination mode. Then either you can move the pin on the map or you can simply type your destination address; and tap on Set Destination.

Moreover you can save your home, office or any address for quick action.


3 Tabs at Bottom of Screen

3 Main Tabs in Lyft Driver’s App
  • Home
  • Earnings
  • Earn Referral

Home Tab:

Home button is exactly as it sounds; tap on home from anywhere in the app and you will be back to main screen of Lyft driver app.

Earnings Tab:

In fact earning tab is the most frequent use option in Lyft driver app. After all it contains all the important details of earnings and bonuses. Hence there are following options in this section:

  • Daily and Weekly Earnings
  • Balance (Total Payout & Previous Payout)
  • Power Zone Information
  • Streak Bonus Information
  • Guaranteed Earnings Bonus
  • Bonus History
  • Ride History
Earnings Tab Lyft driver app
Earnings Tab

Daily and Weekly Earnings:

On very top you can view your daily and weekly earnings. Moreover you can view no of rides given and total no of hours you were online.


In balance section you can view total earnings balance that will going to be deposit into your account next week. Moreover there is payout activity option for checking previous week’s earnings.

Power Zone Information:

Lyft Power Zone gets activated during particular times and days. Simply accept trips during power zone hours and within the zone and you will get +10% to 200% extra fare.

Moreover active power zone will appear in this section; besides you can tap on View schedule; to see full schedule of upcoming power zone time and date.

Earnings Tab Lyft driver app
Earnings Tab Scroll Down

Streak Bonus Information:

Lyft streak bonus is an additional reward for drivers; when they pick all incoming rides in row and stay online. For instance today’s Lyft streak bonus is; pick 4 rides in row and get $20 streak bonus. Therefore you can earn +$20 when you pick 4 rides in row and completes them. Lean more about Lyft Streak Bonus.

Additionally you can tap on View schedule; to see full schedule of upcoming streak bonus time and date.

Guaranteed Earnings Bonus:

Next is guaranteed earning bonus; if you think you won’t make enough to cover your expenses then there is guaranteed earning bonus for you. Lyft is offering weekly guaranteed earning bonus so you can drive with confidence.

For instance if your weekly guaranteed earning bonus is $265 in 25 rides. So if you can’t make this $265 in 25 rides then Lyft will cover the difference.

Earnings Tab Lyft driver app
Earnings Tab Scroll Down

Bonus History:

Any recent earned bonus amount will appear in this section. You might see Lyft streak bonus or any additional bonus amount in this section.

Ride History:

Simply check your recent ride history in this section. Moreover you can view all rides; it will take you to driver dashboard.

Earn Tab for Referral:

Basically Earn tab is for referral; you can earn referral bonus when you refer new driver or rider to Lyft. In this section you can view your referral code with potential referral bonus amount. Moreover you have options to send referral via text message or an email.

Driver Referral Tab
Driver Referral Tab

Furthermore referral section also contains information about passenger referral; such as rider referral bonus amount. Additionally you will earn bonus on each referral and rider will get Lyft free ride. However they must join Lyft with your Lyft coupon code or apply a Lyft promo code in app. There are many type of Lyft rides options available in different Lyft cities in Canada.

Rider Referral Tab
Rider Referral Tab

Beside you can also check your referral history.

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