LYFT Driver Signup Bonus Toronto Canada

Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Toronto

Certainly getting Lyft driver referral bonus is the great way to increase your income. Moreover you can refer as much drivers as you can and earn Lyft driver signup bonus Toronto. All you need to share you referral code with your friends or social media. The most recent Lyft driver signup bonus Toronto is $500. If you refer someone to become Lyft driver in Toronto, both of you will get $500 Lyft driver signup bonus. Therefore you can earn great amount of money just referring someone to become Lyft driver in Toronto. Either you want to become driver or you want to share your referral code, always signup with Lyft driver referral code.  Simply signup using the referral code your will get $500 bonus amount in Toronto GTA. All you have to do is to complete 100 trips in 45 days as a Lyft driver.

Please Note: Latest Bonus in Toronto is up to $600. Updated: 18 May 2018

Become Lyft Driver in Toronto GTA & Get $600 Signup Bonus


or Signup with this link: Driver Signup Bonus Toronto

Lyft Driver Referral Bonus Amount

18 May 2018: $600 Signup Bonus  (Current Referral Bonus Amount is $600, $3 per ride extra bonus, up to $600 total in 30 days)

26 Feb 2018: $500 Signup Bonus 

20 Feb 2018: $1000 Signup Bonus 

Feb 2018: $600 Signup Bonus 

Jan 2018: $400 Signup Bonus 

Refer or Become Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Toronto

First of all if you are not Lyft driver yet, then you must read how to become Lyft driver in Toronto? Moreover there are many ways to increase Lyft earning in Toronto. You can read full post with real facts Maximize Lyft earnings in Toronto and Tips for Lyft Drivers to Earn More Money in Toronto. Furthermore Lyft Rider Referral Bonus, Lyft Prime TimeLyft Streak Bonus, and Lyft Power Zones are some great ways to increase your income.

Lets talk about how to earn driver referral bonus with your referral code. we will discuss:

  • Driver Signup Referral Bonus Terms
  • Sharing your driver referral code
  • Where and how to share your referral code
  • Create custom driver referral code 
  • Create referral link with custom code

Lyft Driver Referral Signup Bonus Conditions

In order to refer someone to join Lyft as a driver and earn referral bonus. There are some points that you may have to keep in mind while sharing your referral code. First of all the new driver must be approved within 30 days, once they initiate signup process. Moreover 30 days count down will start once you signup and create Lyft account. Therefore if you are referring a friend or family member, before starting the application, make sure you have all documents ready. If you start process and later you realize that some documents are missing and it will take time to obtain new documents. 

In fact all documents get approved with in 48 hours. But background screening could take many days and its not in your control to speed up the process. Besides just make sure you enter all information correctly. Moreover you can email Lyft to check your Lyft driver application status

In fact when someone signup with your referral code, you can see them in your Lyft account. You can check driver referral signup history, no of drivers applied and approved in your Lyft account. New driver must complete 100 trips in 45 days after activation the  Lyft partner account.

Driver Referral Bonus: Approve within 30 Days and Completer 45 Trip in 100 Days

Promoting & Sharing Lyft Driver Signup Referral Code

No doubt that you can earn huge amount of bonus when you refer drivers. But the point is how you can promote and share your code, in order to get maximum signup. In fact social media is the best option to share your referral code. Moreover your referral code might be difficult to remember, you must create custom code before sharing. We will explain below how to create custom code and link.

For instance, you have a Facebook account and you have joined many groups in Facebook. Then you can share your referral link on Facebook and in many groups. Similarly you can post on Instagram and Twitter. Moreover you can share your code via email and text message.

You can also make your own website or blog. You can start your website with 3.95$/month only, check this special offer

Create Custom Code & Referral Link

In fact creating a custom referral code option is only available when you click on passenger referral tab. But here is a trick, you will use  rider referral custom code with and use that code with driver referral link. 

First go to Lyft dashboard and Passenger referral tab. On top you will see create a custom referral code. Type the code and click on create. If no one have created that code before.  The code will be created if its available.


Now you will create referral link with your own code.

Here is my driver referral custom url with my custom code CANADADRIVER

All you have to do is to replace the referral code in this link.

Finally test your link, it must show your picture and bonus amount.
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