Lyft Free Ride in Canada

Get your first Lyft free ride in Canada?

Request your first Lyft free ride in Toronto, Ottawa Canada

Lyft is officially available in Canada; currently Lyft have started their services in Toronto GTA and Ottawa. Therefore you can have Lyft as your next ride for pleasure or business trip. In fact all new riders on Lyft platform can request Lyft free ride when they sign up with Lyft promo code CanadaLyft promo code Toronto or Lyft promo code Ottawa.

In order to get Lyft free ride you must be new to Lyft; next you must sign up with Lyft credit code or you can apply a Lyft code in the Lyft app. Hence when you sign up with Lyft coupon code you get $20 credit instantly. This credit can be used toward your next ride; if it is short ride then it will be free or you have to pay difference only.

Lyft Free Ride in Canada

For instance if total ride fare is $13; $10 will be applied from promo and you have to pay $3 only. If total ride fare is $10 or under $10; your ride will be free. Moreover promo doesn’t ends here; besides Lyft free ride; you might get Lyft credit discount offers.

Promo Code for Lyft First Ride Free Canada

To get Lyft free ride first you have to sign up with Lyft code. In fact Lyft is offering great incentive in Canada to try their services; moreover try the Lyft free for the first time. Therefore signup with below promo code:


$20 credit bonus will be available right away for your next Lyft Free Ride.

After signup follow the instructions; however you need to provide personal and payment information. Moreover you will download Lyft App and create your profile. Next you will see $20 credit will be applied to your account.

Apply Lyft Code for first Lyft free ride in Toronto

Another way to get Lyft free ride is to download Lyft App from store. Therefore you can search in App Store the Lyft App; install it and then make your profile.

Next you need to apply a Lyft code, open Lyft App tap on profile image; click on promos and add promo code and apply. Besides most probably you will get additional Lyft discount credit after initial credit.

Request your first Lyft free ride Ottawa

You are all set; now it’s time to request your first Lyft free ride in Ottawa ON or Toronto.

If you are already an Uber rider, then it will be very easy for you to request the ride. Because you know the basics; that how to request ride.

However if you are totally new to ride share service or Lyft. So you have to drop pin or put your location first, then update your destination, select type of service you want and finally tap on request. watch the video below for more help.

You will get match with local available Lyft driver in your area. Moreover there rides you can request in Canada; learn more about Lyft ride options in Canada, Lyft cities in Canada,

You will only get free ride if you are new to Lyft; however there are tips for existing Lyft users; you can get discount, credit or free rides with Lyft promo code for existing users.

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