Lyft Promotions in Canada

Lyft Promotions in Canada

Lyft offers various types of Lyft promotions in Toronto Canada. In fact these promos are great deal for riders and drivers. Hence drivers can make more money in less time and riders get Lyft free rides or free credit. We will discuss some of ongoing Lyft’s promotions in Canada, especially in Toronto GTA. 

Moreover as a Lyft driver you can increase your earnings by understanding Lyft promotions, and start driving during promotions time. For instance if you take advantage of Lyft Guaranteed Earning, Streak Bonus and Prime Time, you can easily add more or less $100 extra in earnings.

While on other hand Lyft rider will get $20 credit and extra credit, once new rider signup with Lyft Promo Code. Learn more about Lyft Rider Signup Toronto.

List of Lyft Promotions in Toronto, Canada

Below are some of Lyft promotions that will help you to maximize your Lyft earnings.

  • Streak Bonus
  • Weekly Ride Challenge
  • Weekly Guarantee
  • Power Zones
  • Prime Time
  • Rider Referral
  • Driver Referral

Lyft Promotions: Lyft Streak Bonus

In fact Lyft Streak Bonus is great way to get extra income as a Lyft driver.  Simply by picking required no of rides in row and get $5 to $25 streak bonus.

You will get notification on top of Lyft app when streak bonus is in effect. Moreover you can also view upcoming streak bonus in Streak Bonus Schedule.

lyft promotions streak bonus

For instance, Monday 25 Jun 2018 Lyft Streak bonus is $25 in Toronto GTA, from 7:30 AM to 8:30 am. Therefore all you have to do is to accept your first ride between 7:30 to 8:30 am. Once you accept first ride, stay online and don’t go offline and complete 5 trips in order to receive $25 streak bonus.

So your 5th ride can be completed 10 am that’s fine. Just don’t go offline, don’t miss or cancel the ride. Read in full details Lyft Streak Bonus.

Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge Promotion

Lyft weekly ride challenge is basically driver’s reward program. Moreover simply completing the required no of rides and earn extra bonus amount. Usually weekly ride challenge amount are $50 when you complete 30 trips, and $100 when you complete 50 rides.

Lyft the weekly ride challenge= “$X Bonus for Y # of rides”

Moreover according to Lyft the weekly ride challenge is not always available, it is special type of bonus for specific drivers. Moreover it is personalized earning opportunity just for you.

In fact you will get an email from Lyft for any weekly ride challenge if it’s available for you. You may also check your weekly ride challenge in Lyft driver App. Go to Earnings Tab.

Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge Promotion

Here is an example of Lyft’s weekly ride challenge for one of Lyft Toronto driver. For $45 bonus amount driver must complete 32 rides. Similarly in tire 2 for $77 weekly ride challenge bonus 43 rides are required to be completed.

Lyft Weekly Guarantee Promotion

Sometime Lyft offers weekly guaranteed earnings in selected cities. Basically Lyft wants to encourage drivers to drive in their platform. Maybe some drivers think that they won’t make much from Lyft, so Lyft introduce weekly guaranteed offer to motivate drivers.

Hence if you can’t make X$ amount in Y numbers of rides then Lyft will cover the difference.

Lyft Weekly Guarantee Promotion

In above Lyft weekly guaranteed example in Toronto. Lyft is offering $240 weekly guaranteed in 25 trips. Therefore if drive complete 25 trips and make $200 only then Lyft will pay extra $40 to cover the difference. But usually you will make more than $40 in 25 trips.

Lyft Promotions; Lyft Power Zones

No doubt Lyft power zone is one of the great ways to increase Lyft’s earnings. Basically Power zones activate during specific times and days. Therefore simply accept trips during power zone hours and within the zone and you will get +10% to 200% extra fare.


For instance, if Lyft is offering +200% surges in downtown from 7 am to 10am. So your $5 trip will be 5+ 100%= $10. Moreover if the Lyft prime time is higher than the power zone price you will get higher prime time rate.

Lyft send you an email or in app notification for upcoming promotions and power zones, you may also check in Lyft app Earning-Power Zones for upcoming or existing promotions.

Prime Time

Lyft prime time get in effect when demand of rides increase and there are not enough drivers available to accept all those trips. It is same like an Uber surge, when more riders need ride and fewer drivers are on road.


In Uber surge calculated with multiplier i.e. 1.2X or 1.6X, but Lyft’s Prime Time is based on plus X%. For instance, in above picture Lyft prime time price can be seen from 25% to 100%. Therefore simply 10$ ride will be 20$ if prime time is 100%.

Read complete details of Lyft Prime Time.

Rider Referral

Referral earnings is always great option for rideshare drivers. Either you refer new rider or driver you can make extra bonus from referral.

Refer new Rider toward Lyft and earn $10 as passenger referral bonus. In fact you referral code is also Lyft promo or Lyft coupon code. Moreover share your Lyft promo code Canada as much you can and create multiple sources to earn rider referral bonus.

Furthermore in the beginning in Toronto GTA rider referral amount was $20, it is now decreased to $10.  Hence for smart ways to promote your referral code and how to create custom referral code, read full article Lyft rider referral signup bonus.

Driver Referral

In fact as rideshare driver and getting referral bonus is amazing feelings. Earning $500 or $600 is great improvement toward your earnings.

Moreover driver referral bonus can be fixed amount or 3$ per ride. Therefore with fixed bonus amount, if new driver complete 100 rides in one month you both will get XXX$ bonus. Similarly with per rider type bonus you both will earn $3 to $4 extra per ride.

Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Toronto

Lyft driver bonus amount can be from $150 to $1000. Below is Lyft driver referral bonus amount in Toronto from Jan 2018.

20 Jun 2018: $550 Bonus (Current Referral Bonus Amount is $550, $2.75 per ride extra bonus, up to $550 total in 30 days)

18 May 2018: $600 Signup Bonus 

26 Feb 2018: $500 Signup Bonus 

20 Feb 2018: $1000 Signup Bonus 

Feb 2018: $600 Signup Bonus 

Jan 2018: $400 Signup Bonus 

Learn more about Lyft driver Referral Bonus and Become Lyft Driver.