LYFT Promotions Streak Bonus Power Zones Toronto

LYFT Promotions Streak Bonus Power Zones Toronto

Lyft has many ongoing promotions in Toronto; such as guaranteed earning, power zones, streak bonus, and prime time.

Most of time Lyft offers guaranteed surge promotion in Toronto. What does it means? Guaranteed Surge is when Lyft want to encourage the drivers to hit the road and make extra money. For instance, Lyft offer +100% surges in downtown from 6 am to 9am. So your $10 trip will be 10+ 100%= $20. If the prime time is higher than the power zone you will always get higher rate. Lyft send you notification time by time for promotions and power zones, you may also check in Lyft app Earning-Power Zones for upcoming or existing promotions.

LYFT Streak Bonus

Streak bonus is when you pick 3 rides in row you will get extra bonus amount. Streak bonus range is from $12 to $20 .

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