Type of Lyft Rides Options for Drivers & Riders

Vehicles Types, Service Types & Lyft Rides Options in Canada

What type of Lyft rides options are there for Driver and Riders in Canada

As a Lyft driver in Canada; you might be thinking that what kind of Lyft rides options I have in Canada. Similarly as a new or existing Lyft rider to use your Lyft promo code credit and try Lyft for the first time; what type of cars you can order for your next ride. Therefore we will discuss what types of Lyft rides are available in Canada for drivers and passengers.


  • Type of Available Lyft Rides
  • Lyft Rides Categories
  • Fare Analysis

What Types of Lyft Rides are there?

In Canada Lyft is providing various types of Lyft rides options; it’s depend on rider’s needs. Whether they are looking for low cost ride or looking for extra seating capacity. You might have an extra luggage if you heading to airport. Moreover it might be a special occasion and you want to travel in Luxury.



Therefore we can divide Lyft ride type in there different categories:

Lyft Low Cost Economy Rides


Lyft Extra Seating Capacity Rides


Lyft High End Luxury Rides


Lyft Low Cost Economy Rides

First ride option is good if you are low on budget and looking for affordable ride in town. In fact in you have two Lyft rides options to utilize; either you can request Lyft Shared or simple Lyft ride.

Shared formerly Lyft Line (pool):

In fact Lyft Shared is cheapest ride option in town. If you don’t mind to share your ride with other riders then its good option for you. Therefore simply sharing your ride along with other passengers heading toward same destination you can get low cost ride. Besides don’t request shared ride if you are getting late and want to reach your at destination as soon as possible. Because sometimes it might take longer than normal travel time since there will be more passengers with you.

lyft shared

Although most of rideshare drivers don’t like shared or pool trips. Mostly because of often it’s hard for drivers to pick up and sometimes during rush hours it time consuming. However there is a bright side; each shared ride pick is counted a single ride; so if there is an active Lyft streak bonus then you will complete no of rides quickly.

Simple & Normal Lyft Ride:

The most common and widely available ride is Lyft (simply called Lyft). In fact it will be your personal ride; mostly used by daily commuters. Moreover simple Lyft ride is available in all Lyft participating cities. You will get 4 seating capacity; for instance four friends can request simple Lyft ride and split fare among them.

lyft simple ride

For Lyft drivers; simple Lyft is high demanded ride in Town. If you become Lyft driver in Canada recently; you might get simple Lyft ride request very frequently. Because Lyft not offer shared ride everywhere so only next affordable ride option is simple Lyft.

Lyft Extra Seating Capacity Rides

The second Lyft ride category is ride with extra seating capacity. Either it is a family trip or you want travel with your friends in a group. Moreover there are two Lyft rides options available for you with extra seating capacity; Lyft XL and Lyft LUX Black XL.

Lyft XL Extra Seating:

You next affordable ride with an extra seating is XL ride. You will get total 6 seats; it is also good option for you if you are 4 passengers with extra luggage. However it will cost approximately 80% more fare than simple Lyft ride.

lyft XL ride

Moreover as a Lyft driver if you have a SUV or minivan then you might qualify to get Lyft XL trip request. In fact all rideshare driver love to get XL request because you can make more money in less time. Sometimes drivers make $100 in a single Lyft XL ride.

LUX Black XL:

It will be your luxury XL ride in premium black SUV car. In fact it is the most expensive Lyft ride option in GTA Canada. Hence you may request Lyft LUX Black SUV if you need extra seating in luxury SUV.

lyft LUX black SUV ride

Therefore you can travel in group with surrounding of luxury environment; such as leather seats, neat and clean high end SUV piloted by top Lyft drivers .

High End Lyft Luxury Rides

In the third category of Lyft rides there is Luxury rides are available for your personal or business trips. These are Lyft luxury or Lyft luxury black cars with maximum 4 seating capacity. Furthermore you also have two Lyft rides options in Lyft luxury rides; LUX and LUX Black.


You may request Lux ride if you wish so; might be good for business trips to give good impression.

lyft LUX ride

Furthermore these cars are equipped with leather seats and working air conditioner. Besides it is 90% more expensive than normal Lyft rides. Moreover Lyft LUX rides might be not available in every part of city.

LUX Black:

It is Lyft’s premium black luxury ride option in town. You can enjoy the luxury ride in black car with leather seats, with 4 seating capacity. Moreover high end luxury ride; piloted by Lyft’s top drivers. In fact it will be good choice if you want to travel in Style.

lyft LUX black ride

Besides not all Lyft drivers automatically qualify to provide Lux rides. Because first your simple car might not qualify for luxury rides; second there is rating requirement for Lyft LUX, LUX Black and LUX Black SUV. You must have 4.7 rating or higher to provide Lux rides and you have to maintain your ratings.

Moreover Lyft is offering all type of rides options in GTA; and simple Lyft and XL in Ottawa. Learn more about Lyft Cities in Canada.

Fare Analysis of Lyft Rides

Let’s see how much each type of Lyft ride will cost you in Toronto. If you take average ride of 5km in Downtown Toronto with 15 min travel time.

lyft fare toronto

For instance if you request Lyft when there is no prime time (surge) from point A to B; there will be different fare for each ride type.

Lyft rides options

Shared ride will cost you $9.51, the cheapest ride option.
Simple Lyft ride will cost you $14.24, you can save $4.73 when you request Lyft shared ride.
Lyft XL will be $24.74, although you will get 6 seats so you are paying more for extra seating.
LUX ride fare will be $26.13, which is close to XL fare, Luxury car with 4 seating capacity.
Lyft LUX Black high end car’s fare will be $37.40, black luxury car with 4 seating capacity.
Black LUX SUV you will pay $47.80, it will be your most expensive ride, black Luxury SUV with 6 seating capacity.

Lyft is growing rapidly in Canada; along providing lot of on going Lyft promotions in Canada for driver and riders. Moreover with Lyft coupon code, credit code you will get free rides. Therefore signup now with Lyft promo code and try Lyft free for your next ride.

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