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Lyft’s Ride Demand in City of Toronto, ON

Best time for Lyft Driver to Earn more in City of Toronto

No doubt being as a Lyft driver in City of Toronto is great; you are your own boss, you make your own schedule and enjoy driving while making great money. Beside with all these comfort; you have to work smart. Moreover making great money with Lyft doesn’t require you to spend the whole day on the road. Therefore after becoming a Lyft driver in Toronto; you aim for make more money with Lyft.

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In addition to maximizing your earnings; you should know best time to driver to driver Lyft in Toronto and peak hours of Lyft’s ride demand in City of Toronto. So by simply driving during these hours; you can make more money in less time. 

Lyft’s Ride Demand in Toronto, ON Canada

In fact you can check Lyft ride demand in Lyft driver app; but if for some reasons it’s not showing you may check here. After taking a closer look at Lyft’s ride demand; we can see that demand is basically at two stages. First on weekdays there is more Lyft’s ride demand during rush hours. Secondly on weekends there is more demand during evening and late night hours.

Below we will explain and show you Lyft’s Weekly Ride Demand in City of Toronto.

Lyft’s Weekly Ride Demand in City of Toronto

Monday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

As we all know that Monday is first week days after weekend. Most of people go to work or office; so there are more rides in morning commute and in the late afternoon when work’s hours ends.

Lyft Ride Demand Monday
Lyft Ride Demand on Monday in Toronto.

So on Monday let’s say around 7 am rides demand start increasing and start decreasing around 11 am. After that there is normal demand till 4 pm; however demand will increase around 4:30 pm and will be there for two hours till 6:30 pm.

Tuesday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

Tuesday is second working day; and most of rides are from daily commuters. Mostly people are going to work or appointments. More rides during morning and afternoon hours.

Lyft's Ride Demand Tuesday
Lyft Ride Demand on Tuesday in Toronto.

We can see that in the morning around 8am, ride demand is on the peak. Same in the evening around 6pm you should expect more rides. However you may see that ride demand is slightly increase during day time on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

It is another routine working day; and Lyft ride demand is pretty much same as on Monday.

Lyft Ride Demand Wednesday
Lyft Ride Demand on Wednesday in Toronto.

Therefore on Tuesday; we can say around 7 am there is more rides demand from passengers. Starting from 7 am; on its peak at 8am and finally go to normal at 11 am. Next phase will start around 4 pm; demand will increase again; you may get more rides between 5 to 6 pm.

Thursday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

On Thursday Lyft’s ride demand is same as other weekday in the morning. However there might be slightly more rides during day.

Lyft Ride Demand Thursday
Lyft Ride Demand on Thursday in Toronto.

Also we can see demand is increasing from 5 pm and till 11 pm there are more rides out there. We can say that comparatively on Thursday there are more rides.

Friday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

In fact there are more rides on Friday night; as Lyft driver you must work on Friday’s night. Moreover you will get many rides with prime time price. So you will make more money while accepting fewer rides.

Lyft Ride Demand Friday
Lyft Ride Demand on Friday in Toronto.

In the morning Lyft’s ride demand is same; but in the evening from 5pm to 11pm there are more Lyft rides.

Saturday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

Since Saturday is a day off; so there are no morning commuters. But there is more demand in the evening time.

Lyft Ride Demand Saturday
Lyft Ride Demand on Saturday in Toronto.

Therefore very less Lyft’s ride demand in the morning time; however there will be huge demand from 5 pm to till 3 am.

Sunday: Lyft’s Ride Demand

In fact on Sunday Lyft’s ride demand is totally unique. So very small demand in the early morning; but there are more rides during the day.

Lyft Ride Demand Sunday
Lyft Ride Demand on Sunday in Toronto.

As we can see less demand in the morning hours; however demand will increase from 10 am till 10 pm.

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