Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every trip

Uber Lyft Drivers Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating

Uber Lyft Drivers How to Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every trip.

You're likely love to being Uber or Lyft driver in Toronto. In significant ways, Uber is a great embodiment of the modern era. Moreover you make your own schedule, you have flexibility to start and finish your shift. Also you can take off whenever you wish.  Therefore Uber or Lyft is a good means to create more money on the times that work for you. Besides all the fun and flexibility, only thing that you should worry about is how to Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every trip. 

In fact to maintain rating, get 5 stars ratings on each trip is often challenging for drivers. Moreover majority of riders don't rate their driver. As per my personal experience, as an Uber driver in Toronto GTA, out of 2000 trips only 600 riders rate me. It is approximately 30% of my total trips. Therefore my driver rating is calculated based on 30% of my total trips. It seems very unfair to me, I believe unrated trip should be counted as 5 stars. 

Furthermore in my opinion rider should always give 5 start rating, if you treated them nicely, your driving was good and your car was clean. But still some riders give you 4 starts. I don't know what they think of 5 starts rating. 

Besides if you are not getting 5 starts rating and your rating is drooping constantly. Then there might be something wrong with your car, driving, cleanness etc. Therefore we have figured out some points that will help you to Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every trip. 

Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every trip follow these tips:

  • Greeting
  • Friendly Conversation
  • Dress Well
  • Clean and Fresh Car
  • Defensive Driving
  • Music 
  • Carry Important Supplies
  • Amenities 
  • Give them Route options if necessary 
  • Help with bags or luggage 

If you follow these basic tips, you might be able to maintain rating, get 5 start on every ride. Moreover if you will not get 5 stars rating, at-least it will help you to maintain the current rating and most probably you will not get any negative rating.

Greet Your Rider & Treat Them Nicely

First of all you must treat your passenger nicely. You may say hi or hello once they arrive. In fact you can create a pleasant environment from the very beginning of your trip. You don't have to get angry on them if they are late. Moreover sometimes they drop pin at wrong location and you might have problem to locate them. 

In fact one of Lyft rider told me about another Lyft driver behavior. She was late for few minutes and driver called her and start shouting "you are late" etc. She said she canceled that trip. Imagine if she go with same driver, off courser she will rate him 1 start. 

In the situation when rider is late, its up to you to wait or not. You can cancel the trip after 5 min and you will get cancellation fee. But it will also increase your cancellation rate. Moreover you can wait, in fact the wait time is also calculated in fare. Sometime you are close to their location and you reach pickup spot within 2 minutes. Usually rider except to get their ride in 5 to 10 minutes. In this scenario you must give them some extra time since they were not excepting you that fast.

Greeting and Be Polite Will Help You to Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating

Moreover if you have difficulty to locate your rider because they put wrong address and now they want you to come another location. If its just cross the street or other side of building etc you may go. If it's busy time and Uber Surge or Lyft Prime Time is in effect  then I will not bother to try to locate them. I will cancel the trip and go for next ride, since it's their fault that they put wrong address.

Friendly Conversation & Help

As we mentioned earlier that it is important to make good environment once rider arrive in your car. Therefore once you greet rider, ask their name and confirm the destination address.  Moreover you can ask them about general stuff such as how you doing? about the weather, etc. 

Friendly Conversation will create pleasant environment 

If you see rider is interested to talk then you may engage in friendly conversation. Try to find mutual interest point and you may talk about it and don't ask about personal things. If they ask you for information about the area or city, give them appropriate information. In fact having friendly conversation will create great environment, it will definitely effect on rider's ride-share experience. 

Friendly Conversation and Helping them is key of Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating 

Moreover if you see rider is carrying luggage, or if he requested ride at shopping mall, you must give them hand to put stuff in your car. In fact when you help them, it will make positive effect on  your rider. Besides 5 stars rating, probably you will get a tip.

Dress Well Be Charm

Nice and great appearance is also important for Uber and Lyft driver's rating. However it doesn't mean you have to be in suite. Just wear something presentable and nice. Little bit of grooming will work nicely. In fact pleasant appearance will effect rider positively. Moreover looking nice will also motivate rider to add tip at the end of trip.

Impress Rider With Pleasant Appearance!

Car Freshness & Cleanness

Cleanness and freshness of car is very important factor in order to get 5 stars rating. Therefore you must keep your car clean and fresh during trips. If you smoke try not to smoke inside of your car. Moreover often riders ask you can they smoke in your car, I never let anyone smoke in my car. You can explain them nicely that next rider might not like the smell of cigarette. 

Furthermore you must keep nice light air freshener in your car. You may often use it in order to maintain freshness in car. In fact passengers really appreciate clean and fresh car. Hence it will help you to obtain 5 stars rating.

Always check you seats once you drop rider, look for any trash, tissue paper or garbage, you must throw it away before picking new rider.

Defensive Driving & Route

In fact offensive driving is not appreciable in any situation. Therefore if you are driving for Uber or Lyft you must drive carefully and make sure you follow all the traffic rules. Don't over speed, make proper stops, use signals when turning. Moreover maintain your speed, avoid sudden acceleration and hard breaking. Moreover defensive driving also help in saving some gas cost. You may read gas saving tips and improve car performance.

Riders always concern about safety. It is one of the main factor in driver's ratings

Navigation and selection of fastest route also play vital role in driver's ratings. Therefore do your best to determine the best route available. In fact for long ride highways and 407 are the best options. However before taking 407 always ask they rider, would they like you to go via 407 or not. If they say no then you may not use 407. Moreover if you see highways are busy then you may explain to rider it will be faster if we go via 407. 

Stay update with traffic flow on roads, you must know if there is road blockage, construction or collision and avoid that area. 

You may ask the rider if they prefer any specific route.


Music is something that riders love to have while they are on trip. However selection of music type could depend on each rider mood, type and age, etc. Some love high beats, some prefer jazz or classic. Best practice is to save some top radio channels on your car stereo list. So you can simply switch between channels, if you have controls in steering wheel.  

Therefore play something accordingly, high beats for young, classic or jazz for old peoples. 

Furthermore some riders love to play their own collection of music. So you should have an AUX cable, often riders demand aux cable. I always keep my auxiliary cable ready and hooked up. They always get happy when they play their own tracks. It's also plus point toward high rating.

Amenities & Important Supplies

Finally there are some important stuff that you must carry while you drive. Basic amenities can be water bottles and gums that you should always carry with you. In fact gums and water are often requested by the riders. Moreover you must keep tissue paper box, AUX cable and cell phone charger. You may keep iPhone and android charging cable as riders can have different phones. But mostly iPhone charger comes in use, you may also keep an extra cable.

Fact: As far I remember Out of my 2000 Rides in Toronto Only 3 or 4 people ask for android charger.

Besides you must have or consider to have Phone mount, Seat covers, floor mats and dash cam. To learn more about supplies read; Basic supplies for Uber Lyft drivers in Toronto GTA.
In conclusion these were some basic tips to Maintain Rating, Get 5 Stars Rating on every ride. However there can be many other things could involve in order to maintain rating, get 5 stars rating.


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