Maximize Lyft Earnings When Driving in Toronto

Maximize Lyft Earnings in Toronto

So finally your Lyft partner account is active and now you are Lyft driver in Toronta GTA. Therefore now its time to lean that how you can maximize Lyft earnings in Toronto. It is very important for lyft driver to work smart, otherwise you will not make much money. In fact downtown Toronto is the main playground for Lyft Drivers.  Now its up to you that how you gonna play your cards and maximize lyft earnings.

Every weekend people from all over the GTA go to downtown Toronto. In fact it is center of night life, moreover consists many bars and clubs.  It is acceptable if we say that Old Toronto is the busiest area for Lyft Driver. On the other hand other areas of City of Toronto also consider to get many trip request.

Moreover, to maximize Lyft earnings you don't have to be full time driver. You can drive on weekend nights and Sunday if you wish. You can make $20  to $30 per hr. Furthermore if your car meet requirements to pick Lyft Plus requests, then numbers can go up. Therefore some lyft drivers only drives on weekends nights and can easily make $400 to $600, depend how many hours you can drive. 

To Maximize Lyft Earnings | Things to Consider:

  • Lyft Prime Time Toronto
  • Lyft Power Zones Toronto
  • Lyft Promotions Toronto
  • Driving Lyft During Events
  • Importance of Navigation & 407
  • Tips to Save Gas
  • Track Your Mileage
  • Keep Record of Expenses
  • Become Uber Driver

We will discuss about and share different ideas that how you can take the full advantage of Lyft's promotions. Moreover techniques and tips for lyft driver Toronto.

Lyft Prime Time Toronto:

If you are an Uber driver in Toronto then off course you know about Uber Surge. In Lyft platform they refer surge pricing to Lyft Prime Time. When Lyft ride requests increase and there not many drivers are available to accept all those rides. At that point Lyft's Prime Time become active, and start surging the particular area. The main reason behind surging the specific area is; since there are less drivers in that area; so Lyft want to motivate the drivers to come out and start driving. Therefore when drivers see that Lyft Prime Time is active and they can make more money, so eventually many drivers go online.

While on the other hand, passengers will not wait long enough to get rides. Eventually Lyft drivers earn more money because of Lyft Prime Time. In Toronto especially downtown there are very high chances that you will get rides with Lyft Prime Time. Moreover if you drive usually rush hours, in the morning and afternoon. Below some of Lyft Prime Time areas in Toronto, Ontario is given. The Prime Time rate may vary in each area and depend on demand.

When Prime Time is in effect, you will see red blocks on Lyft driver app. When Prime Time rate increases the color will go dark and darker. The prime time rate could be from +10% to +200%. For instance if you pick ride with 200% prime time, a $10 ride will be $30. 



Lyft Prime Time Map Toronto GTA 

Lyft Prime Time = fare+ 200% of fare | $10+ $20 = $30

Therefore if you drive more during Prime Time you will definitely you will maximize Lyft earnings. Furthermore, in Toronto especially during weekend nights after 2am you will certainly get rides with prime time. Hence keep that in mind when you make your schedule, so you can make similar trip fare into double fare.

Important: Don’t run for the prime time surge pricing. If its too far from you, then stay in your spot. Since it depend on demand therefore it could be over by the time when you arrive in prime time surge area. You will only burn the fuel and waste time. You may try to learn that which part of city surge mostly and then you can stay in that place.  

Lyft Power Zones Promotion Toronto

As an Uber driver you must be familiar with Uber Guaranteed Surge Promotion. In downtown Toronto Lyft provide guaranteed surge promotion for Lyft drivers. In fact they called it Lyft Power Zones. In fact Lyft Power Zone is same as Lyft Prime Time. Moreover the prime time depends on demand and power zone promotion doesn't depend on demand.  Power zone start and end at specific times, therefore it has time frame, i.e 12 to 3am.

For instance, Lyft offer +50% in one area and +100% in other area of Toronto. Simply accept the trip from the power zone and earn extra fare. Moreover if the prime time rate is higher than the power zone rate, then you will always get higher rate. Check the Lyft app for your power zones.

To Check your Power Zones Go to Earning Tab in Lyft Driver App

Once you will be in power zone, your location marker will turn into purple and display active sign. 


Power Zones are inside the purple marked figures. In above images you can see lyft power zones with extra fare percentage. Just accept the ride from power zone and get power zone guaranteed surge fare. You can also check up coming power zone in lyft app.


Drive During Special Events

You can increase income if you drive Lyft during special events.  Usually you will get lot of trips during events. Therefore driving during special festivals is great way to earn more money. In fact Lyft Promotions and Prime Time also happen during these events.  For instance if you driver on Saint Patrick’s Day or New Year Eve in Toronto, you can easily earn $500 to $600, depending on how many hours you drive and trips types you will get. (Lyft or Lyft Plus). Therefore in order to increase your income, it is important for Lyft driver to know what types of events are coming up. So you can plan your schedule. Some example of events are Conventions, Sports, Trade Shows, Parades, Concerts, Music Festivals, etc

Moreover Lyft will also inform you regarding upcoming events in Toronto. Mostly you get notification in Lyft driver app or an email from Lyft about the event and potential earning.  

Navigation and 407:

Drive with Lyft and you will go different places, you will go to places that you never been there before. Therefore choosing the fastest route is vital for Lyft driver. In fact usually highways are always the best option. But sometimes there is an accident on highway or delay then you might need to skip that intersection. You can check the live traffic conditions with Google Maps or WAZE.  Ultimately Google Maps and WAZE are the best options for Lyft Driver. 

Moreover ask the rider if they prefer any route. Because some riders go to their destination on daily basis, they know which route is the best. Furthermore during rush hours the only best option is 407, you will save lot of time if you use 407. Lyft will add toll charges in the fare. You must apply for 407 transponder to avoid camera charges. 

Always ask the rider if they want to go via 407 or not. 

Hence you will save gas and time, gas and time are important factors in your earning. So if you can save much of your time and gas eventually you make more money. Because you get more mileage if you drive on highways. So rather than driving on small roads use highways and 407. 

Save on Gas Maximize Lyft Earnings:

As a Lyft driver gas or fuel is main expense that you need on daily basis. In fact if you save on gas eventually you are increasing your earnings.

By following simple tips you can improve your car fuel efficiency and maximize lyft earnings:

  • Accelerate Gradually 
  • Maintain or Tuneup Your Car Regularly 
  • Keep Proper Tire Pressure 
  • Drive Smoothly Avoid Sudden Pull and Brakes
  • Skip the Traffic Jam Area
  • Drive more on Highways
  • Find Best Gas Station 


Moreover, you should be smart when its time to refill your gas tank. Try to lean which gas station has best price in the neighborhood. In fact often Pioneer , Ultramar and 7-Eleven gas stations offer the lowest price on gas. But the problem is they don’t enough station all over the place.

Shell, ESSO and Petro Canada are the best gas stations in Toronto GTA. First of you will find their gas station easily all over the Toronto. Secondly they also offers points, so you can apply for their loyalty programs.

Petro Canada Deal: Petro Canada is offering instant 3c off per liter of fuel when you pay with RBC linked credit card. Moreover you will earn points 20% extra points. On top of that you will earn 20% extra points on your RBC Visa credit card.  So if you planing to driver lyft full time then you may need to refill your tank frequently. Therefore you can make lot of points on both sides.

petro Canada save gas uber driver

Track Your Mileage and Expenses

As a Lyft driver you must track  your daily mileage and expenses. Hence when you will file your taxes at that time you can write-off expenses.  Therefore beside driving it is now important part of your daily routine.

Keep the following receipts or record:

  • Gas or Fuel Receipts
  • Oil Change Bills
  • Car Maintenance Receipts
  • Amenities (water, gums etc) Receipts

Lyft only count mileage from pickup to drop-off, means only on trip mileage. In fact you have driven more KM, from you place to rider's location and when you finish you shift and on your way back home. 

In fact you have different options to track your mileage. You may go with manual, write the odometer reading when you start and finish. You may also use mileage tracking app.  Moreover if Google Maps is your navigation app, then you can track your mileage there. To track your travel history go to Google Maps timeline.


Become Uber Driver

Uber is well known rideshare service in Toronto. Besides Lyft you can also signup to Uber and can become Uber driver in Toronto. It is very good option to have both partners accounts active.

It will cut down the wait time, moreover you may get advantage of Uber Surge, Uber Promotions Toronto, Uber Rider Referral, Uber Driver Referral Bonus. You may like to read How Uber Driver make money in Toronto? and moreover Maximize Uber Earning in Toronto

Start your Uber Driver Application Now: Signup to become Uber Driver

Read: Steps to become Uber Driver in Toronto

As a Lyft Driver Supplies & Gadgets You Must Carry

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