Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips

When Uber or Lyft Driver Get Tip? Main Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips

In-app tipping is a great feature of Uber App. In fact Uber drivers demanded tipping feature for long time. Finally Uber added in-app tipping feature in 2017. Now in-app tipping feature is available in USA and Canada. Besides adding tips in-app, sometime riders also pay cash tips. There are multiple reasons Uber Lyft rider add tips. We will discuss some in this post.

Moreover Tipping is totally optional for rider. But sometimes if you provide exceptional service, treat rider nicely or had great conversation then rider might add tip. Therefore in-app tipping feature made it easy for rider if they really want to add tip. In fact many riders do not carry cash with them all the time. Hence in-app tipping made it easy for them.

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We already explained about Tips in post Ways Uber Drivers Can Make More Money, basic tips for drivers in order to get tips from riders.

Basic rules for getting Tips:

  • Dressings: Wear something appropriate.
  • Appearance: Give a nice outstanding look.
  • Clean Car: Maintain your car cleanliness.
  • Greeting & Conversation: If they seem interested, find mutual point of conversation. 
  • Extra Hand: Help your rider with loading and unloading stuff.
  • Amenities: Carry water, gums, and Basic Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry.

Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips Why and When Riders Tips?

In fact it is almost a year since Uber added in-app tipping option in Canada. So rider can add tips and give thanks to driver, who provided them excellent service.

According to Uber recent survey in Toronto, Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips, asked multiple riders the reason for tipping driver.

Here is what Toronto’s riders said:

Percentage of Riders and Reasons

  • 76% Clean Car
  • 66% Having Great Conversation
  • 66% Driver Helped Them With Luggage
  • 52% Got On-board Phone Charger
  • 44% Great Music

76% Rider Tip Because of Clean Car

76% of riders tip their driver in Toronto because the car was fresh, clean and comfortable. In fact clean car is also important for your Uber-Lyft driver ratings.

Actually car cleanliness is an important factor of tipping. Moreover it is main reason for more than 70% of riders to add tip. Therefore regularly cleaning is recommended. So keep your clean and fresh in order to get tips. 

66% Having Great Conversation

66% of passengers said that they tipped their driver because of having great conversation. Besides clean car, greeting and having friendly conversation is an important part of your driving habits.

In fact when you engage in conversation with your passenger, it will impact on rider very positively. Moreover some passengers prefer to travel quite. Some travel with friends and you will not have much room to contribute.

Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips

Usually conversation happens with single rider. Therefore start your trip with greetings and check their response, if they are interested in chatting or not.

66% Helping With Luggage

Similarly 66% of riders added tip when driver help them with their bags or luggage. Often airport trips when rider carries extra luggage.

Therefore basically if you see your rider is carrying bags, small furniture, groceries or any other big item you may offer them help. Moreover you can just go ahead and start helping them. Also you can make space in trunk, load and unload items in your car truck.

52% On-board Phone Charger

52% of passengers add tip to driver because they got cell phone charger in car. So they were able to charge their cell phones during trip.

So always keep cell phone charger for rider. Moreover you must have android and iPhone charging cables. Also you may consider keeping an extra cable and charger in case one stop working.

Reasons Uber Lyft Rider Add Tips

There are some recommended Cell Phone Chargers.

44% Enjoyed Great Music During Ride

Music is an important factor for Uber or Lyft riders. In fact they really like great music. While some riders don’t care much about music, on the other hand some really love to have great music during ride.

Therefore get great collection of latest music. Consider saving channel list of top music radio station. Moreover play something according to rider age, mood, etc. Furthermore keep an AUX cable, rider often request aux cable. Let them play their own music tracks.

Finally these were some basic reason that why riders tip. But each rider is different and they add tip for their own reasons. Although with these basic techniques you can have better chance to get tip. Moreover if you not get tips, at least you will get 5 stars. You may lean more how to Get 5 Stars Rating.
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