Steps to Become Lyft Driver Toronto Ottawa Canada

Become Lyft Driver Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver Canada

Lyft is the only Uber’s competitor in Toronto GTA. They have successfully launched it services in Toronto. Moreover Lyft is available from all the way Hamilton to Oshawa and Toronto to New market. Moreover many Uber drivers signup to lyft and become Lyft driver Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver. Lyft is also fully licensed ride-share service in Toronto GTA, just like an Uber. In fact according to some Uber riders Lyft is cheaper than Uber. Therefore Lyft is the most affordable ride option in Toronto GTA. Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500 Lyft Driver Ottawa Vancouver Referral Code: OTTAWA250

Being a Lyft driver in Canada:

Lyft is getting very busy in Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver Canada. In fact as a rideshare driver in Toronto you don’t have to wait enough to get Lyft’s rides. It is because of rider’s Lyft promoLyft promo code Toronto or Lyft promo code Canada and Lyft promo code Ottawa.

Therefore become Lyft driver in Canada and get Lyft driver signup bonus, rider referral bonus. Moreover you can earn more with Tips ( Lyft Tips in Toronto ), Lyft Prime Time Rate, Lyft Streak Bonus, Weekly Ride Challenge and Weekly Guarantee.

Use one of the Top Lyft Code from Toronto and Vancouver

Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Note: Updated 25 Jan 2019 Driver Bonus is CA $1050.00 Guaranteed in First 100 Trips.

20 AUG 2018 Latest Bonus in Toronto is $500.  

Latest Bonus in Toronto is $550. Updated 15 JUN 2018. Latest Bonus in Toronto is $600. Updated 18 May 2018

Moreover during Lyft’s launch they provided lot of bonuses for driver and riders. This strategy gave huge boost to Lyft performance and they pick up very well in Toronto. Therefore, thousand of Drivers and Riders already joined the Lyft.  In fact driving with Lyft is great way to get some decent income. Lyft Driver Toronto can drive for Uber and Lyft at same time. So you can skip lot of wait time. Make your own schedule and be your own boss. Many of us are eligible to drive Lyft in Toronto —here’s what you need to know. You may read Make more money with lyft in Toronto

Become Lyft Driver Overview:

  • Requirements, Required Documents & Uploading Tips
  • Lyft Driver Signup Process’s Steps with Pictures
  • Private Transportation Company License
  • Lyft’s Ride Options in Canada
  • Coverage of Lyft in Canada
  • Lyft Promotions in Canada

Lyft Requirements, Required Documents & Uploading Tips

Before you begin your Lyft driver application; please check Lyft basic requirements and required documents:

  • Lyft Basic Requirements for Drivers in Canada
  • Required Documents to be Uploaded
  • Tips While Uploading Documents

Lyft Requirements for Lyft Driver Toronto

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have Full G Driving License (Valid Ontario G License)
  • Your Vehicle / Car must meet minimum requirement (See Lyft Car Requirements)

*Note if your car doesn’t meet minimum requirement, you can drive for Uber Eats (Uber Food Delivery)

Required Documents for Lyft Driver Toronto

Before starting the process make sure you have all the documents handy, you will upload following document given below:

  • Full G License or equivalent A valid Ontario Driver’s License 
  • Work Eligibility Proof (PR Card, Passport, SIN Card, Work Permit etc.)
  • Vehicle Registration Proof
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance Pink Slip or Temporary Slip
  • Vehicle Inspection: Safety Standards Certificate

The best option is to make these documents ready before starting lyft’s driver application, you may take pictures from your phone or alternatively you can scan required documents.  In fact you will be going to upload it to Lyft website, once you start you lyft’s driver application.

Required Documents Uploading Tips

Furthermore, to speedup the signup process and your documents get approved. Moreover to prevent you documents to get rejected, here are a few points to keep in mind when you will takes pictures of the documents. So you can make you lyft’s application process fast.

Things to consider follow these:

  • Clarity: Shoot clear pictures; it is readable and not blurry or too dark.
  • Dates: Check the expiry dates make sure document is not expired.
  • Full Picture: The picture clearly shows all 4 corners of the document.
  • Upload: Make sure you upload correct document.


Lyft Driver Toronto Apply & Start Lyft Driver Application with Signup Bonus:

How about some signup bonus? By using the referral code will get signup bonus. If you sign up with driver referral code in Toronto GTA, Currently Lyft is paying $600 bonus in Toronto.

Use one of the Top Lyft Code from Toronto

Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Note: Latest Bonus in Toronto is $1050 Guaranteed in 100 Trips. Updated 25 JAN 2019

Lyft Driver Signup Process:

Click on the above link to start the process, you will redirected to Lyft website, fill out the small form and follow the steps.

1.Start your Lyft Application.

2.Then Start uploading the required documents.

You are required to upload following documents:

  • Car Inspection Safety – Safety Standards Certificates (must not be older than 36 days)
  • Driving License, Valid G Class or Higher,
  • Temporary license is also acceptable but you have to upload the actual one once you get it.
  • Car – Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle – Car Insurance (Auto Insurance, Full or Liability Coverage )
  • Driver Photo (make sure to upload nice photo to give your profile professional look)
  • Proof of Work Eligibility (PR Card, Passport, Citizenship Card, Work Permit)

Steps to Become Lyft Driver Toronto Vancouver Ottawa Canada

So  finally you have decided to go ahead and now you are thinking about how to begin Lyft driver application process? therfore following these steps to apply and complete Lyft driver’s application.

Steps to become Lyft driver in Canada:

  1. Start your Lyft application
  2. Verify your personal details
  3. Provide Vehicle Information
  4. Fill out driver information form and provide personal information
  5. Accept Driving Record, Terms & Sterling Email Consent
  6. Vehicle Inspection Upload or Book for Inspection
  7. Upload required documents
  8. Apply for HST No
  9. Complete background screening; follow steps from Sterling email
  10. Wait for Approval & Lyft Account Activation

So first step will be to start Lyft driver application by clicking the following link:

Verify Your Phone No

You will be redirected to Lyft website; in order to proceed you have to provide your phone number and personal details.

Next you will get verification code on your cell phone from Lyft; check your phone for text message verification code and enter code to proceed.

Provide & Add Vehicle Information

Third step will be to add vehicle information; Click on ADD VEHICLE button.

Then select year, make, model, #of doors, color and seatbelts from drop down menu.

For instance if you have VW Tiguan 2016 model in Grey color; your selection will be following:

Provide Driver Information

After adding vehicle information; you have to fill out driver information and personal information form. You need to provide your legal name, SIN number, date of birth, driving license number with expiry date & province, and finally your residential address.

If you are already an Uber driver or driving with any other rideshare company; Check that option “I’ve driven with another rideshare company” and click on CONTINUE.

Acknowledge the Driving Record, Terms and Sterling Email Consents

In this section you are going to acknowledge and authorize Lyft to obtain your driving record. Moreover you are providing your consent to collect, use and disclosure your personal information. Finally you will acknowledge getting an email from Sterling; so they can start background screening process once you provide them additional consent once you receive an email and follow the steps.

In third step Driving Record Consent; read the information and click on ACKNOWLEDGE.

Next you have to do same for step 4 Additional Terms and Consents and steps 5 Sterling Email; simply read and click or tap on ACKNOWLEDGE button.

Upload Vehicle Inspection or Schedule Vehicle Inspection

In step no 6 if you haven’t done safety inspection yet; you will get an option to book an appointment with nearby inspection location. You can select date and time so can have an appointment with certified mechanic.

However it is best to get safety certificate before starting your application. In fact you can get safety certificate from any certified mechanic.

Therefore if you already have a safety certificate; then you can upload your vehicle safety inspection certificate. Hence click or tap on UPLOAD YOUR FORM

Once you click on “UPLOAD YOUR FORM”; you will be directed to Lyft Driver Dashboard so you can upload all of required documents and provide other information.

In order to proceed with documents uploading click on “GOT IT”.

Lyft Driver’s Dashboard for Uploading Documents

In Lyft Driver’s Dashboard you will see total 11 items. In other words you have to complete, upload or provide these information or documents. Moreover 2 items will be done by Lyft; such as DMV check and Background Screening.

However you have to provide 9 items details;

Upload 6 Documents: Vehicle Insurance, Driver Photo, Safety Certificate, Driving License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Work Eligibility

Enter 2 Details: License Plate Number and HST No

Complete Training Session:  You have to complete small online section; simply you will watch few video and take a quiz. Basically it about how Lyft’s work and ride pick information etc.

Start Uploading Documents:

Hence to upload a document click on Upload button beside item name; update form will appear. Hence browse or drag file and click on Update.

Then upload Vehicle Insurance, Driver Photo, Safety Certificate, Driving License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Work Eligibility. Additionally for Proof of Work Eligibility select type of proof you are uploading. For instance if you are uploading SIN card; select Social Insurance Number option from drop down menu.

Upload Safety Inspection Certificate
Upload Vehicle Registration
Upload Proof of Work Eligibility
Upload Drive’s License
Provide Driver’s Profile Picture

Moreover once you start uploading documents; Lyft will start reviewing them. In fact you will see green check mark once any item get approved.

If for any reason your document gets rejected; then you will see red warning sign with reason that why your document is rejected. You document might be expire or maybe you uploaded the wrong one. In fact often document is unreadable because of low quality image.

Therefore fix the issue and upload again.

Enter License Plate Number and HST No

You also need to enter License plate number and HST no. Click on Enter button beside license plate number.

Type your license plate number and select province.

Moreover you need to provide HST no; click on Upload buttons besides Harmonized Sales Tax, and type your HST no.

Follow steps from Sterling email to initiate background screening

Besides uploading required documents; you also need to provide your consent and fill consent forms. You will get am email from Sterling Talent Solution along with access link and code.

Click on link and start filling the online form; you also need to answer additional questions to confirm you identity.

Wait for Approval & Lyft Account Activation

Once you complete all steps; such as uploading required documents, providing required information and initiating background screening process. Then you will see Review in Progress in your Lyft account dashboard.

Moreover all items will be checked with green arrow; which means that all of your documents are approved. You have to wait till they complete background screening process. It is mentioned there that typically it will take around 48 hours; moreover it could also take up to 2 weeks.

Lyft Background Check

After successfully uploading required documents  you will get an email about your background check. Usually it is done automatically by lyft’s third party background check provider. Keep an eye on your inbox if you get any special instructions.

Apply for GST/HST No (Registration for Rideshare Driver)

Do you know when you drive with Lyft you work as an independent contractor.  In fact when you are independent contractor or work on your own, you are entitle to get and remit HST to Canada Revenue. Lyft collect HST from all passengers and put in your account. Therefore you  are going to report HST when you file your taxes. Moreover you will also get HST on Bonuses and referral amount. You need to get HST number from Canada Revenue Agency. Learn Lyft Tax Requirements in Canada and Register for HST/GST Account.


Lyft will review all of your documents, you passed the background check. Finally City of Toronto will issue PTC Driver’s License number. Congratulation you are now Lyft driver. Once Your Become Lyft Driver Supplies Gadgets Lyft Drivers Must Carry. Moreover, Top 10 Tips to Save Money On Your Car Insurance and once you start driving please follow How to get 5 stars ratings on every trip?

Meantime you can check your application status:

Private Transportation Company License (PTC Driver’s License)

To provide rideshare service in Toronto, you need PTC Driver’s License. In fact all rideshare services drivers in Toronto are required to obtain PTC license. The City of Toronto doesn’t provide any PTC Driver’s License directly to person. Therefore Lyft will submit application for the license on behalf of you. Furthermore you must meet the City’s PTC Driver’s License requirements.

Lyft Rides Options for Driver:

In fact with Lyft you can have 6 rides options to drive with if your car meet their requirement. Moreover riders can request ride depending on their mood or requirement. Furthermore depending on their needs they can request simple affordable ride, want to travel with style and luxury, extra seating and pool.



Shared (Pool): It is simple Lyft ride along with other riders going toward same destination. Simply pick 2 or more riders going toward same directions. Sometimes can make more money in single ride. Cheaper than normal Lyft ride.

LyftIt is Lyft most common ride option. In fact it is available in all participating cities.  With maximum 4 seating capacity; most of Lyft drivers drive this ride.

Lyft XL: Lyft XL is affordable ride option with extra seating capacity. 6 seating capacity; Either your riders want to travel in group or have extra luggage.  Usually either SUV or Minivan car owner can have Lyft XL option.

Lux: It is Lyft Luxury high end ride for personal or business trips. It is expensive ride; more fare for driver and rider can enjoy the ride in luxury car.

Lux Black: Lyft Luxury Black is luxury black ride. Lyft Lux Black is driven by professional and Lyft top drivers. Often passenger request for special occasions.

Lux Black XL: It is the most expensive Lyft ride option. It same ride as Lyft Luxury Black with 6 seating capacity. Moreover black Luxury SUV piloted by top Lyft drivers.

Available Lyft rides or service level in Canada:

GTA: In Toronto GTA Lyft is providing full services you can driver with all ride options as long you meet the requirements.

OTTAWA: However in Ottawa Lyft is only providing LYFT and XL rides option.

Where you can drive Lyft in Canada:

You probably thinking about Lyft cities in Canada. In fact Lyft came in GTA back in January 2018; and in Ottawa back in March 2018.  Moreover in GTA you can drive Lyft; able to pick rider from all the way Oshawa to Hamilton and from Newmarket to Downtown Toronto. Furthermore Lyft is active all the main cities of GTA; such as Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Ajax, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton etc

Below is Lyft coverage map of Toronto GTA:

Besides in Ottawa you can drive Lyft and can accept Lyft & Lyft XL rides. See below Lyft coverage map of Ottawa:

Tip: In order to get ride request you must be within Lyft coverage area; however you can drop passenger out of Lyft zone. Read more details about Lyft coverage cities, FAQs and information at Lyft Coverage Zone.

Lyft Promotions for Drivers

In fact Lyft has many ongoing offers and Lyft promotions in Toronto. Hence you can earn extra amount with

Lyft Streak Bonus : Pick 3 or 4 rides in row and get $10 to $25.

Lyft Power Zones : Pick ride from power zones and get +10% to %100.

Lyft Prime Time : Its Lyft’s surge system earn up to 200% more on per ride.

Moreover learn how to Maximize Lyft Earning in Toronto. In fact you can driver Uber and Lyft in Toronto. If you have not sign-up to Uber yet, you will be able to receive $400 Guaranteed Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus.

Become Uber driver Toronto, start you application now, steps to Become Uber Driver Toronto. 

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