Steps to Become Uber Driver Toronto

Signup and Become Uber Driver in Canada

Guide to Become Uber Driver Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton & Ottawa Canada

Uber is a fully licensed ride-share service in Toronto GTA. It is great way to earn extra cash. Uber Driver Toronto set your own schedule and be your own boss. Therefore, many of us are eligible to drive Uber in Toronto —here’s what you need to know. We will discuss how to become Uber Driver Toronto. Below are some main benefits of Uber partners.

Reasons to Become Uber Driver  in Toronto:

Uber Driver Toronto Signup Process Quick Look:

  • Meet the Uber Requirements (age, car, license, documents)
  • Signup and upload required documents
  • Pass the Background Screening
  • PTC Driver's License 
  • Get HST number

Steps to Become Uber Driver Toronto

So you are thinking to driver Uber in Toronto GTA, finally you have decided to go ahead and now you are curious about how to start the process? Then this is guide is for you. Don't forget to use uber driver signup bonus referral code.

When you signup through referral code, so Uber will make sure you make $400 guaranteed in first 50 trips. If for some reasons you can not make $400 in first 50 trips then Uber will pay you the difference.

Many of us can drive with Uber. Below are Uber Driver Toronto requirements (Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham etc)

Uber Driver Toronto Requirements

  • You must be 21 years old
  • You must have valid Ontario Full G Driving License
  • You Vehicle / Car must meet minimum Uber Vehicle Requirements
             *Note if your car doesn’t meet minimum requirement, you still car drive for Uber Eats (Uber Food Delivery)
  • No Criminal Record, Clean Record 
  • Good driving record and no more than 2 minor infraction within last 3 years
  • Smart Phone Iphone or Android with Data Plan.

Uber Required Documents Toronto

Before starting the process make sure you have all the documents handy, you will upload following document given below:

  •  A valid Ontario G driver’s licence or equivalent
  • Proof of work eligibility (PR Card, Passport, SIN Card, Work Permit etc.)
  • Vehicle registration's Proof 
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Proof of vehicle inspection: Safety Standards Certificate


It is better to have these documents ready before moving forward, you may take pictures from your cell phone or you can scan them, because you will be expected to upload it to Uber website while applying or your Uber partner account.

Moreover, to make sure your documents get approved fast and don’t get rejected, to make your qualification process fast, so here are a few things to consider when you taking pictures of the documents.

Make sure you follow these:

  • Take clear pictures; it is readable and not blurry or too dark
  • Check the expiry dates make sure document is not expired or going to expire soon
  • The picture clearly shows all 4 corners of the document
  • Make sure you upload correct document.

All Set Lets Start:

Use Uber Driver Toronto Referral Code for Bonus

How about some signup bonus? In fact, by using the referral code your earning will be guaranteed. If you sign up with driver referral code in Toronto GTA, Uber will make sure you will make $400 in first 50 trips. Furthermore if you can't make $400 in first 50 trips. Then Uber will pay you they difference. For instance, you made only $200 in your first 50 trips within 90 days, so you will get $200 bonus from Uber and so on.  

Use one of the Top Uber Driver Code from Toronto
Uber Driver Toronto Invite Code: EXDY5VJ8UE

Click on the above link to start the process, so you will redirected to Uber website, fill out the small form and follow the steps.

Once you click on above link, you will be redirect to Uber partner signup page.

You will fill up Uber Signup from by typing basic information; such as, name, email address, cell phone number etc.
Next, you will insert your car information. Finally you will upload the entire required document.
Once all of required document are uploaded, the signup process will complete.

Once Your Become Uber Driver You must have these items in your car: Supplies Gadgets Uber Drivers Must Carry

You will also get tips, learn when Uber drivers get tips in TorontoMaintain Rating & How to Get 5 Stars on Every Trip.


Uber Background Screening

You are almost there, Uber background screening is the Final stage of your Uber partner account activation. Moreover you may have to visit nearest Uber Greenlight Hub, in order to complete the screening process.

Furthermore, In the background screening they will review your driving history and criminal record. Don’t forget to take your Driving License and 1 more piece of ID.


PTC Driver's License

In order to engage in ride-share activity in City of Toronto, you are required to obtain PTC driver's license. In fact, all ridesshare drivers in City of Toronto are required to get PTC License. Although City doesn't issue PTC Private Transportation Company License directly to applicant. Once you become approved at Uber platform, Uber will apply PTC License on behalf of you. Moreover you must meet the City's requirements.

GST/HST Registration

So you are Uber driver now, as a Uber driver, you work as independent contractor. Therefore, when you work as a self employed or independent contractor, you are entitle to collect and remit GST/HST. Uber charge HST from riders on all ride and give it to you. You may read CRA Uber Tax Requirements in Canada to understand it better.

Learn more details at  Uber HST/GST

Meantime you can learn more how to maximize Uber earning in Toronto. Eventually, you will generate more income than others. Usually you make more money when there is Uber Surge going on. Moreover, take the full advantages of Uber Promotion, Rider Referral Bonus and Driver Referral Bonus.

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