Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry

Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry

Important Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry
Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry: Once you become approved on Lyft or Uber platform and your partner account is active. Finally it is time to hit the road and make some money. But before you start accepting trips, it is very important to carry some basic supplies. Grab some important stuff and be equipped with the basic accessories before you go out for driving. Often new drivers start driving without having even phone mount or phone charger, which will result sudden drop in ratting. Remember you are new driver but the riders they takes Uber or Lyft daily basis. They can spot your mistakes and might give you low rating. You might get feedback of safety issue etc.

Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry: So before you start, make sure you have below given items. We have gathered the list of some basic important stuff. Some of this stuff you might get very cheap if you order them online ahead of time. Particularly, if you buy online; amazon or eBay. Some basic accessories and supplies you must have such as charger, phone mount, Aux cable and water. On the other hand some stuff you can have them for your own benefit such as Leather Seat Cover, Winter Floor Mats and Dash Cam.

Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry

The Basic Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry

  • Cell Phone Charger (Important)
  • Phone Mount (Important)
  • AUX Cable (Important)
  • Water, Gums & Tissue Paper (Important)
  • Leather Seat Cover (Optional)
  • Winter Floor Mat (Optional)
  • Dash Camera (Optional)


Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry (Important Stuff)

Car Cell Phone Charger (Important)

First of all as an Uber or Lyft driver you need cell phone charger for your own phone. Because Uber app background process consumes lots of battery. Also you will be going to use Google maps or Waze that will consume power too. Moreover you will be online for long period of time, and the app will keep running, searching for trips. Therefore, without phone charger you battery will drain in few hours.

Besides you must have charger for your riders. Moreover it will impact on your driver ratings. In Toronto riders often ask for charger and if you have one they really appreciate it. Hence make them happy and you will get 5 stars rating. Furthermore for riders you might need different cable, since some riders have iPhones while others android phones. As our experience most of riders carry iPhones.

Some recommended Cell Phone Chargers:

Phone Mount (Important)

Driving Uber or Lyft in Toronto without phone mount is not an option. You must have phone holder or mount and your phone mounted properly is very important. If you are holding your phone in your hand or you put it on your lap, sure will get you low ratings. You must be hand free and not looking down to your phone. Because you often need to touch your phone for zoom in or out, looking for direction. Therefore when your phone is mounted you can touch it easily and can also keep your eyes on road. Finally it is good for your own and rider safety.

There are different types of mounts available in market. Some of them you can mount to windshield, while some to dashboard and also air vent mounts.

Some recommended Cell Phone Mounts:


AUX Cable / Cord (Important)

Riders love music in Uber or Lyft car and its best when they play their own tracks. In fact usually on weekdays when people go for work, they don’t ask for Auxiliary cable. There are some passengers who don’t want to play their own music. They will be fine whatever music is broadcasting from radio. But on the other hand, especially on weekends when people go out for fun, they want to get in mood before reaching at their destination. So they often request AUX cable. Therefore you must keep one standby and hooked up. So rider can listen to their music and let them sing along. In fact often you will like their music collection. If you interested in home piano lessons and piano lessons in Toronto go to beginners piano lessons.

Here are some AUX cable collections:


Water, Gums & Tissue Paper (Important)

Water and Gums are an amenity that you should keep in your car. In fact many riders love to have them in Uber or Lyft car. Actually these are little things but they count toward your ratings. Sometimes riders will ask you “if you have water or gum” or “can I have tissue paper please”.

Therefore keep these items in your car. Moreover these items are not too expensive and if you run out of stock you can buy them from any gas station.

Supplies Gadgets Uber Lyft Drivers Must Carry (Optional)


Leather Seat Cover (Optional)

If your car is equipped with leather seat then you don’t need any leather seat covers. If not then you might consider adding Non slip top leather seat cover. You don’t have to wrap whole seat, just one bottom cover will be fine. The reason is if someone vomits in your car and off course nobody like this. But it could happen, although chances of somebody vomits in your car is very low. Probably, chances are 1 out 1500 rides. Besides vomiting, if your car’s seats are sofa cloth, after sometime you will notice spots of water or dirt. These spots or dirt take times to clean and reflect bad appearance. Therefore if you put top leather seat cover, it will give nice look and more convenient in cleaning.

See the sample car seat cover:


Winter Floor Mat (Optional)

A floor mats are sometimes a necessary accessory to have in your car. Moreover, you must have installed winter floor mats all the time. You can put winter mats on top of your existing cloth mats. You can have either nice a catchy design or simply plain floor mats. Furthermore, these mats will protect your car and it will be easy to clean them, you can also wash them when necessary.

Check Sample Floor Mats:

Dash Camera (Optional)

Dash camera is an optional thing, although it is not recommended for every driver. It is up to you if you want to add extra security or for your own safety.

There are two main benefits dash cams. First in case of accident, where you think it’s not your fault you will have proof. You can recover recorded video and claim you innocence. Second if case if any rider gets upset with you and report on you with false allegation, you may have proof of the incident.

Here are few Popular Dash Cams


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