Tips To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Teens Drivers

How to get lowest Auto Insurance For Teens Drivers?

There are remarkable increase both in Teenager Car Insurance Policy and Claims. Normally the premium for teenager car insurance is very high when compared to people over age of 25 years. However, some insurance companies do consider offering teenagers with cheap and discounted insurance policies. 

Teenage drivers get into more accidents when compared to age group 30 to 40. If the risk covered is high then the insurance premium will also be high. 

Moreover there are some suggestions to keep lower premium for car insurance.  Teach your kid to follow traffic rules and road safety laws strictly. Encourage them to keep the clean driving record. Moreover don’t let them driver over the speed limit. Also instead of purchasing separate policy for teenager, add them as an additional driver in the same policy; enrollment of teenager in regular driving courses and stay away from alcohol.  

Car Insurance premium is based on the certain factors; such as:

  • Age of the driver
  • Driving record of driver and how long this person has been driving
  • City in which the driver lives
  • Type of vehicle

There are fabulous discounts on premium offered by different companies.   The vehicle should be checked before insured with respect to air bag, anti-lock brake features and anti-theft devices.   

In fact Car insurance premium is a real problem for the parents of the teenager.  In the teens driving becomes an obsession and to protect them car insurance is a necessity. 

Tips for parent to bring down their kids insurance premium:

  • Get Driver’s Training Certificate
  • Ad to Family Policy as Occasional Driver
  • Go with Old model Car

Insurance companies offer cheap rates for older, heavier cars when compared to sports cars.  Older cars are cheap to repair and cannot be driven recklessly.  In fact risk coverage on older cars is less compared to new models cars.  Hence, insurance companies offer cheap rates for old model vehicles.

In fact for teen drivers a driver’s training course can help to bring down insurance premium. It is also very vital for teen drivers who usually get higher insurance premium. Hence with driver’s training course you can get up to 10% discount.

Furthermore Insurance companies offer substantial discounts on good driving records.  Students with better school grades may get good student discounts on insurance premium. 

Moreover your kid also can be included in the family policy listing. You can add them as an occasional driver and this will reduce the premium when compared to their own car insurance policy.   According to the statistics taken by different Insurance Institutes, teenage car driver is vulnerable to car accidents when compared to drivers whose ages are between 30 and 60.  This is the reason that car insurance premium is higher for teen drivers. 

                Insurance companies consider teen drivers as reckless drivers based on accident frequency and they charge higher premium on insurance policy.   However, there are exceptions to this depend on the type of the car.  Usually car with more value is charged more premiums compared to old and lower price cars.   The teen driver has to be advised not to drive recklessly.  Family insurance or parent insurance policy for the car is advisable when compared to individual teenage car insurance. 

While adding your kids to insurance policy, parent should not feel the burden of insurance premium when their kids become licensed to practice driving.  In fact your kid should get away from lack of driving by properly learning driving by joining a driving course which makes the teens to get cheaper insurance rates than teens that do not undergone driving course.