Top 10 Tips to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Top 10 Tips to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Top 10 tips to save on your auto insurance premium

If you are paying high rate for your car insurance and you’re fed up of paying too much for your car insurance. We have put together the top ten tips to save money on your care insurance. Simply following them you can reduce your insurance premium.

Here are top 10 tips to save money on your car insurance:

  1. Buy & Compare Quotes Online
  2. Drive a Common Cars, Cheap & Less Powerful Car
  3. Build up a Good Driving Record
  4. Increase Security Features
  5. Increase Your Deductible
  6. Obtain Driving Education Certificate / Get Full G License
  7. Reduce Annual KM
  8. Follow Traffic Laws
  9. Reduce the number of people under your policy
  10. Move to Low Insurance Cost Area (Postal Code)

Buy & Compare Quotes Online

Buying online can save you time and money. Companies who spend millions of pounds on advertising or run large call centres have to cover these costs somewhere, and they do so by adding these costs onto the price of your insurance premium.

Simply getting auto insurance quote online, you will get idea that how much you looking for. Furthermore, many online insurance quotes sites, now offering comparison, so you can choose the one best for you.

Drive a Common Cars, Cheap & Less Powerful Car

Insurance companies usually calculate their premiums on the basis of the car types, the theft rate of particular car and the cost of repair. Moreover smaller cars such as Toyota and Nissan are cheaper to repair than luxury or sports cars. In fact the cheaper to repair or replace simply means low insurance rates.

Build up a Good Driving Record

Car insurance companies give discounts for safe drivers with a good no claims record. By building up your no claims history you can benefit from a reduction (up to 60%) off your premium, and this discount can be transferred from company to company.

Increase Security Features

If you install more security features in your car, you can save some bucks. In fact installing security devices means lower risk for your insurance company and you can take advantages from cheaper rates. Furthermore park your car in a garage a night, or installing insurance company approved immobiliser or tracker, will also give you some discount in premium.

Increase Your Deductible

Basically deductible is the fixed amount ($500 to $1000) that you will pay from your pocket in case of accident or insurance claim. For instance, if you made claim of $1500, if your deductible amount is $500 then insurance will pay only $1000.

Therefore if you can pay a higher deductible, you will get discount. Because when your deductible is high then you’re less likely to make a small claim. Hence, Insurance companies will consider you a lower risk client and provide discount.

Obtain Driving Education Certificate / Get Full G License

Obtaining approved driver’s training education certificate can get you up to 10% discount. In fact for new drivers approved training certificate will help a lot.

Basically when you get training from approved center, you show that now you are more skilled and experienced driver. Therefore insurance companies provide discount to new drivers by reducing their insurance premium.

Moreover get full G Class driving license. Getting G license means, you have mastered your driving skills; you have more experience and advance driving knowledge.

Reduce Annual KM

No doubt, the more you drive the higher the probability is that you’ll be involved in an accident. Therefore people who drive more km per year are likely to have a higher insurance premium.

Because if you drive daily; moreover daily commute to work or school then the accident risk is high. Hence, insurance companies take it as negative factor. Simply reducing your km can save you money.

Follow Traffic Laws

Insurance companies will flag you high risk driver if got traffic tickets or convictions. In fact they don’t like motoring convictions as it is risk for them to insure convicted driver.

Moreover some convictions are considered worse than others, for instance over speeding, red light or DUI offences. In fact your premium will be double if you got convicted with DUI.

Reduce the number of people under your policy

In fact more people on your insurance policy the higher your insurance premium will be. Therefore try to remove any occasional drives that don’t drive anymore. Always try to keep as few drivers on your policy as possible.

For instance, you added your kids to your insurance policy and now they don’t drive the same car anymore, or they just moved to another city etc. Hence, you may consider to remove their name from policy and see if you can bring your premium down.

Move to Low Insurance Cost Area (Postal Code)

As a general rule, the further you live away from a city the cheaper your car insurance is likely to be. By living in the city your car is more likely to be stolen or be involved in car accident. For instance, you can save up to 50% on your car insurance by moving from city of Toronto to a New Market or Bradford.