Uber Promotions Toronto & Guaranteed Surge

Uber Promotions Toronto & Guaranteed Surge

Oftentimes Uber offers guaranteed surge promotion in Toronto. Uber promotions Toronto, guaranteed surge promotion or boost fare is offer from Uber  for drivers to make extra money. You can earn when Uber offer you specific promotion.

uber promotions toronto

Uber Promotions and Guaranteed Surge in Toronto.

For Instance, UberBoost Multiply you uber fare during specific hours at particular location.

In this promotion if you pick ride from 7am to 8am you will get 1.3x , 8am to 9am 1.7x, and 5pm to 6pm 1.5x fare multiplier. Moreover if the uber surging the area and surge price is higher than the guaranteed you will always get higher surge rate. For instance, guaranteed surge is 1.5x and you accept ride with 2.0x, then you will get 2.0x price.

Uber Promotions Toronto       Uber Promotions Toronto

Sample of Uber Promotions and Guaranteed Surge in Toronto. 

Therefore with guaranteed surge your $20 trip will be 20×1.5= $30. Similarly if the surge price 2.0x then you will receive $40 ,which is higher than the guaranteed surge rate.

Uber Promotions Toronto

Uber usually offers promotions during rush hours, work commute and on special events. Furthermore many of uber promotions are ongoing. While many others are seasonal or on special events. Hence as a Uber Driver you must take advantage of guaranteed surge and promotions.

Uber will notify you for up coming promotions. Moreover you could also check in Uber App Earning>>Promotions for existing or upcoming promotions.


Besides Uber Guaranteed Promotions there are many other ways to generate more income through Uber . Read Maximize Uber Income in Toronto. Moreover read Uber Surge Toronto Uber Rider Bonus & Referral Driver Bonus


Lyft is Uber competitor in Toronto.  Lyft provide variety of bonus offers such as Lyft Streak BonusLyft Prime Time  and Lyft Power Zones. Furthermore Become Lyft Driver in Toronto and Get $500 Bonus. Signup to Lyft Now 

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