Uber Surge Toronto How Uber Surge Work?

Uber Surge Toronto:

Uber surge Toronto is actually Uber's practice to motivate drivers to hit the road. Similarly charging more from passengers for their rides. There are specific time of day or week, when many riders request rides, causing increasing rides demand from particular area of city. Uber surge is because of more demand of rides and fewer drivers are on roads. 

More Demand = Fare Prices Go Up = Driver Make More

How Uber Surge Start?

More Rides Requests

When many riders request Uber at the same time and there are not much uber drivers on the road to accept all these trip requests.  Demand for rides increase during morning commute, rush hours, in bad weather, weekends nights, and on special events times. Moreover, Uber encourage drivers to come out and drive, so riders don’t have to wait long enough to get rides.  In this practice ultimately drivers earn more fare due to uber surge. Furthermore, surge also keep the drivers on the roads longer. In downtown Toronto,  as a Uber driver you will get surge price in the rush hours, usually morning and afternoon commute, when there is no TTC, during bad weather, weekends night after 2am. Below are some of Uber surge areas of Toronto, Ontario  

What Happens During Uber Surge ?

Fare Prices Go Up

In scenario when Uber demand increase, so the uber fare also increase. It is because of more demand and less drivers. Actually this is Uber Surge System. It encourages drivers to get on roads, and fulfill all those trips demands. Since drivers make more money during surge time, so eventually the will come out to drive. Moreover riders may have to wait little more since there aren't enough drivers on the road.

Passengers Pay More or Wait More

Riders pay more fare when Uber surge is active. Surge Price could be from 1.2x to 3.5x, simple for $20 ride, rider may pay double or triple fare amount. In that case $20 ride could cost rider $40 to $60. Some people choose to pay extra fare price in order to reach their destination.

On there side some passengers don't request their rides during Uber surge time. They prefer to wait, and see if the surge price go down to normal fare. Sometime surge go down quickly, sometime not especially in bad weather and special events. 


Identify Uber Surge and How Uber Surge Calculated?

When Uber start surging in any specific area, that place will turn into light red color on map. This red map will also display a number i.e 1.2x or 2.5x, this number is called multiplier. 

Uber Surge

Uber surge prices are calculated with multiplier. When Uber Surge starts, the Uber app  map start showing red layers. These map layers can go darker when surge start increasing. Moreover, if you zoom in, you will also see a surge multiplier number. The multiplier number could be from 1.1x to 3.0x and more. 




When you pick ride from surge area, you will see surge rate when you get Uber ride request. Moreover, in order to receive surge price you must be in side the surge area. 

Surge Calculation

Simply multiply your fare with Surge number (multiplier number) 

Fare = $10 | Surge Multiplier= 2.2x | Total Earning= 10 x 2.2 = 22

$10 ride could go up-to $22 and more

Where to Get Uber Surge in Toronto?

In City of Toronto Uber surge is usually get active in following scenarios:

  • Rush Hours
  • Bad Weather i.e Snow Storm, Freezing Rain etc
  • Weekends Night (always surge after 2am to 3am) 
  • Special Events (New Year Eve, St Patrick Day, During Games, Music Festivals etc)


Above Picture are Toronto GTA Uber Surge Areas

Below are examples of Uber Earning While Picking Request in Uber Surge Zone.



Important for Uber Driver: Don’t chase the surge pricing. Stay in your area if you are not close to surge area. For example, if your is not surging and 10km away from you uber is surging. You think you can go there and get that surge pricing. Therefore you start moving toward that area, by the time when you arrive there the surge price has gone down, and you just put extra milage on your car, waste time and burn the fuel. The best practice is to learn your neighborhood surge timing, once you get some knowledge about particular areas, you may stay in that spots.

Besides Uber Surge there are other ways to generate more income through Uber platform. Read Maximize Uber Income in Toronto. Furthermore take the full advantages of Uber Toronto PromotionsUber Rider Referral Bonus & Refer a Uber Driver Bonus

More Details at Uber.com/how-surge-work

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